Four trends in celebrity beauty product packaging
In recent years, celebrity endorsement of beauty brands has gone up a notch with many well-known celebrities launching their own cosmetics and skin care lines. Many of these brands have been wildly successful, in good part thanks to the celebrities’ established fan bases and social media presence - but that’s not all that drives success. High product quality remains important, and so does good beauty product packaging: after all, that’s always the first thing to catch the eye!

Over the past few years, several trends have emerged in the packaging of celebrity beauty brands - let’s check out some of the most significant ones.

    •    The use of sustainable materials
With consumers increasingly looking for eco-friendly and sustainable products, it should come to no surprise that the entire beauty industry is responding to meet that demand.

Many celebrity brands are using packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources. For example, Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics line, a Climate Neutral Certified brand (always check for third party certifications!), makes use of eco-friendly packaging made from bamboo and glass, which can be recycled or reused.

    •    Customisation
There is a fool proof way to ensure a product’s packaging meets your consumer’s exact taste: customising it! Some celebrity beauty brands are offering customisable packaging options, with customers allowed to choose their own colours, fonts, and designs. This leads to a unique and personalised experience for each buyer. A notable example is Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics line, which allows customers to choose custom packaging options for some of their products.

    •    High-end finishes
Many celebrity beauty brands are using high-end finishes - for example metallic accents, embossing, and glossy coatings - to create a luxurious feel to their packaging. Not only is the end result good to see, it gives the customer a sense of exclusivity. A notable example of this trend is Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty line, with its metallic accents and glossy coatings complementing the otherwise simple nude-coloured look of the packaging.

    •    Personal branding
While some celebrities prefer to keep their personal image to the side lines when it comes to launching beauty products, some choose to feature predominantly on the product - and its packaging! After all, many customers may choose celebrity beauty brands precisely because they are fans of the celebrity in question. Jennifer Lopez's JLo Beauty line, for example, features packaging that incorporates her personal brand, with her signature prominently featured on the products.
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