Why unisex packaging is on the rise in the skincare industry

In the past, it was believed that blue was for boys and pink was for girls. But nowadays, the skincare industry is going through a significant change, as more and more brands choose to use unisex packaging. This trend is becoming more popular for several reasons, and we'll explore some of them in this post:

  • Gender neutrality: One of the main drivers behind the popularity of unisex packaging in the skincare industry is the increasing emphasis on gender neutrality. In the past, skincare items were marketed exclusively towards either men or women, with varying fragrances, packaging designs, and advertising messages. However, the beauty industry has since progressed, and present-day consumers are searching for products that aren't targeted to a specific gender. This shift towards inclusivity has prompted brands to produce gender-neutral packaging, as they aspire to provide products that are accessible to all, irrespective of gender.
  • Environmental consciousness: Many consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of packaging on the environment, and they're looking for products with sustainable packaging. By using unisex packaging, skincare brands can reduce the amount of waste produced and lower their environmental impact. Gender-neutral packaging also eliminates the need for separate packaging designs for men and women, which can save resources and reduce the carbon footprint of the brand.
  • Cost efficiency: Designing separate packaging for men and women can be pricey and may increase the product's cost. With unisex packaging, brands can simplify their packaging process, thereby reducing their expenses on design and production. These savings can be passed on to customers, making products more affordable and accessible.
  • Simplicity: Another advantage of gender-neutral packaging is its simplicity. Often, the packaging is more minimalistic and straightforward, which can attract customers seeking products that are simple to use and comprehend. Gender-neutral packaging can also eliminate confusion in stores, as customers can easily identify which products are intended for them without having to navigate gender-specific packaging.


  • Flexibility: Unisex packaging is more flexible than gender-specific packaging. Brands can opt for custom packaging solutions, and design their packaging so that it is not limited to a specific gender, allowing them to appeal to a broader audience. This flexibility also makes it easier for brands to introduce new products to the market without having to create separate packaging for each gender. This allows brands to be more creative with their packaging designs and to focus on the quality of the product itself.
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