Exploring the role of each layer in beauty packaging

The beauty industry is an extremely profitable industry that’s expected to reach a value of US$646.20bn in 2024. Although the industry is extremely lucrative, it is also very competitive.

When you’re competing against other brands that are all doing whatever they can to bring out new, exciting products, you need to do whatever you can to make your products stand out.

One way of achieving this is through making the right packaging choices – keep on reading to find out how you can approach these decisions, for each layer of your packaging.

Distribution Packaging: Keeping Your Products Safe in Transit

If you’re shipping your products across the globe to paying customers, you want to make sure that your products are safe during transit.

Your outer packaging is just the container that your products get shipped in, although you can personalize it with your logos and brand designs, it’s main function is protection and to ensure that your items aren’t damaged during shipping.

Outer Packaging: The Important First Impression

The outer packaging is the face of your beauty product, setting the stage for the consumer's first impression – which makes it an extremely important decision. When thinking about this packaging, it will really depend on how you sell your product.

Obviously, the look and feel of your packaging will be extremely important in stores; customers are able to actually hold and feel the product which could influence their decision. If you sell mainly through online retailers, it’s all going to be about the visuals.

Outer packaging serves as a visual invitation, a teaser that should encourage the consumer to explore what lies within. But, thinking beyond aesthetics, the outer packaging should also communicate your brand's identity, values, and the unique selling proposition of the product.

Think of brands like Drunk Elephant that use bright, bold colors to attract the attention of consumers. Similarly, The Ordinary uses a simple, minimalist design to communicate its science-backed ingredients and focus on a streamlined skincare routine.

Product Packaging: The Balance of Aesthetics and Functionality

The product packaging is the final layer that directly holds your beauty product. Product packaging must strike a delicate balance between form and function. The design should be not only visually appealing but also practical and ergonomic.

​​The choice of materials is also important, it should make application easy, ensure the stability of the formula, and also look good.

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