Emerging Beauty Brands Must Place Their Focus on Sustainability, says leading package provider

As consumer preference for eco-friendly products continues to grow, packaging plays an increasingly important role in the beauty industry. The trend towards sustainable packaging is particularly strong among emerging beauty brands, as they look for ways to differentiate themselves from established players in the market.

Leading package provider, APG, recognizes this trend and urges emerging beauty brands to prioritize lessening their environmental impact when making their packaging choices. The company offers a wide range of packaging options that meet the highest standards of sustainability.

“Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but a necessity for brands looking to succeed in today’s market,” said Hannah Palese, a spokesperson for APG. “Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally responsible products, and this is particularly true for the beauty industry, where clean beauty brands are becoming more and more popular with consumers. We encourage new beauty brands to focus on sustainability in their packaging choices in order to stand out from competitors and build a loyal customer base.”

APG offers a variety of sustainable packaging solutions, including bamboo and aluminum options, as well as packaging made from recycled materials. The company also offers custom packaging solutions, allowing beauty brands to create unique and eye-catching designs that reflect their commitment to sustainability. Their newest line, the fully-patented Infinity Pump Series, is made from 100% recyclable plastic, and doesn’t need disassembling before being recycled. The series comes in a variety of configurations and colors.

As the demand for sustainable products continues to rise, APG is committed to helping emerging beauty brands navigate the complexities of sustainability and create packaging that meets the needs of both their customers and the planet.


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