Can better packaging design increase unit prices?

One of the biggest questions that many companies ask is “How do we get our customers to pay more for our products?”

A lot of brands think they need to go away and include more luxurious ingredients, invest in new branding, or offer an additional element to a product to command a higher price tag.

However, we’ve found that often you don’t need a new formula or product, you just need a forward-thinking packaging design that puts your customers first.

Here’s how packaging design can increase your unit prices in the beauty industry.

Improving the perceived value of your products

Packaging is normally one of the first interactions a customer will have with your brand and product, so it really needs to do all the heavy lifting in communicating your brand’s image.

Your packaging sets the stage for the perceived value of what lies within – so first impressions really do count.

A thoughtfully designed package, perhaps with luxurious materials, innovative features, or an aesthetically pleasing layout, conveys a sense of quality and exclusivity. This perception of higher value can justify an increase in the unit price if you are delivering an image that aligns with your target audience and their buying preferences.

Is your product easy for customers to use?

While aesthetics play a significant role in the price of your product, a lot of brands get swept away with graphics and forget that practicality and functionality are equally important to their consumers.

Packaging that is not only visually appealing but also functional, easy to use, and convenient can justify a higher price. For example, creating an aerosol spray that only requires a neutral wrist rotation is much more comfortable for customers than the typical aerosol sprays that require a more pronated wrist rotation.

Consumers are willing to pay for the overall experience, and user-friendly packaging adds tangible value and will allow you to increase your unit price without losing any business.

Packaging provides differentiation in a highly competitive market

Beauty is an extremely saturated market where consumers are bombarded with choices, which can make standing out a bit of a challenge – but highly crucial.

Unique, eye-catching packaging not only attracts attention but also helps a product differentiate itself from competitors. When consumers perceive a product as distinct and superior, they are often willing to pay a premium for that perceived uniqueness.

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