Wholesale Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes

In the world of cosmetic and personal care products, plastic squeeze tubes are more in demand than ever. As a means of packaging your products, it's hard to beat for inexpensive design or efficiency. But it's about more than just that.

A shelf-stable product, these products are excellent at preserving whatever is stored inside of them. Round that off with their neutral aesthetic and ease-of-use, and it's not hard to see why they've risen to become the most popular option on the market.

But what goes into buying cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale? What do you need to factor in to get the tube packaging you're looking for? Join us, today, as we take a closer look.

Tube Categories

Conversations about product packaging can become complicated. It is entirely crucial, though. In order for products to be successful, it is important to choose the right tube material. It says things about you from the moment people see it on the shelf at a store. And that's before we even get to the physical benefits of choosing the right packaging.

The right cream tube is obviously important because you want your cream to last and remain effective before someone buys it. Plastic bottles and plastic packaging, in general, offer a lot of protection for the items it's being used to package. A flip top cap, screw cap, or roller ball all have their own benefits to your packaging.

But let's simplify things a little bit, and take a closer look at three of the best performing options for cosmetic squeeze tubes.

Polyethylene Tube (PE) or Extruded Plastic Tube

When it comes to basic plastic tubes, it's worth noting that these are available in various densities of polyethylene (PE), from low through to high. This style of mono or multilayer tube is best suited for standard skin care and short-lived products. Think cleansers, creams, and shampoos for a good idea.

As a final note, it's worth noting these tubes can be made with barrier coatings, which help to protect the product. From lip gloss tubes to more standard stock tubes, everything you need to package safely is available here.

These tubes are popular for use with the following products:

  • High-end cosmetic products, like expensive lip gloss or eye cream.
  • Shaving creams, sold by the fl oz.
  • Pharmaceutical creams and care product units.
  • Liposomal delivery products, often by way of supplements.
  • Industrial materials featuring specialized containers and things like trigger sprayer and hot stamping.
  • Chemicals where the constituent components must be kept stable.

Laminated Tube

This is actually also a polyethylene tube, but we set it apart because of its additional laminated coating. This gives it the versatility it needs to serve two unique purposes.

Firstly, a laminated tube offers additional barrier protection for volatile components. This packaging is used for a variety of products, and that extra layer of protection makes it useful when the ingredients are less stable.

Secondly, the tube's built-in laminate layer allows for more complex packaging efforts. Since the laminate tube material is made flat, though, it typically can't accommodate temperatures in the region of 360 ​​degrees. That's a disadvantage, but Laminate tubes are usually just used in ways that suit that construction. Toothpaste tubes, skin creams, and sunscreens, as well as hair products, are all commonly used. 

With a screw cap, lotion pump, or brush tip installed, this is a versatile option for packaging a range of products.

Applications for this brand of squeeze tube include:

  • Cosmetic products in plastic lotion containers.
  • Pharmaceutical products which should be kept stable.
  • Body and oral care products, for more than "just" a plastic cosmetic tube unit.

Aluminum Tube

Aluminum and metal tubes are known for one main thing: providing extensive protection for the substances it contains. Lip gloss tubes and lip balm tubes fit nicely into this category, as these products have relatively short shelf lives. Collapsible tubes such as these are perfect for any delicate formula or substance.

Aluminum tubing provides improved protection due to its heavier gauge materials. The metallic "look" of these tubes is also a selling point for many brands. In terms of aesthetics, metal is available in a variety of colors with that professional-looking metallic finish. Collapsible tubing works well with cleansers, lotions, ointments and the like.

The one downside to this design is that, when evacuating everything from a metal tube, the actual body often becomes distressed. The shape may recover a little, over time, but it's unlikely and can be a problem.


Advantages Of Buying Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes Wholesale

So you've committed to your product's specific packaging needs. Now all you need is to source your tubes and get to packaging. Before we go any further, consider your purchasing options.

If you operate any sort of retailer, it's important to know where your money is going and to get the best deal possible for your investment. Packaging forms part of your overall product, so it needs to fit your budget when it comes to resale. And, as we've seen time and again when it comes to products in the retail sector, squeeze tube wholesale purchases gives the best ROI for your product line. 

Don't believe us? Consider the following:

Better Prices

One of the most well-known benefits of buying any product wholesale saving a lot of money when compared to other purchasing methods. These are items shipped out in large numbers in order to provide a lower price. Depending on where you go, the items may be better or worse quality, or sometimes even pre-owned, so it's important to research before you buy.

The takeaway is that businesses use wholesale purchasing to keep costs low and their products stocked. Save thousands of dollars with cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale purchases.

Access To A Variety Of Containers

Earlier in this article, we outlined all of the possible options when it comes to plastic squeeze containers. But what good is all of that variety if you don't have access to the units themselves?

Buying wholesale stock tubes gives you access to a huge variety of the products you need. Buy wholesale items that might be hard to find in retail stores. Once you've developed a relationship with your supplier, you can return to the well. Draw up a repeat contract and you'll have containers on tap, moving forward.

White Label Customization Of Existing Products

Buying wholesale gives you the opportunity to buy brands that people and your contemporaries already trust. Get quality plastic bottles, cosmetic tube packaging, laminated tubes, aluminum tubes, and packaging squeeze products.

And the best part? Everything is available for you to use with your own branding. That's the whole point when it comes to white label design: wholesale products are made available to you. No need to develop your own or pay expensive fees for exclusive product licenses.

People buy with their hearts, first. They'll do everything they can to choose a brand they know, trust, or at least know from somewhere, from auber packaging to any other leading name. Wholesale packaging purchases let you bring that level of trust to your buyers.

White label wholesale lets you put your brand on any of the following:

  • Gel tube products, displaying your brand prominently from anywhere it's put on a shelf.
  • Lotion tube units, to help your product stand out against your competitors.
  • Cosmetic package tube, wherein the chemicals must be kept away from light, dust and other natural elements.
  • Flip top tubes, for quick and easy access.
  • Pump tubes, popular for hand soaps and other similar products.
  • A variety of other package tube variants specific to your needs.

It's basic marketing. The higher your level of brand awareness, the better your chances of bringing in new buyers. Wholesale, mass released packaging works well, no matter your tube size, orientation or style. If your name's on there, you're building a rapport with your buyer, and wholesale has just worked in your favor.

Buying Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes Wholesale

Ultimately, the idea of buying your cosmetic squeeze tubes wholesale isn't anything novel, but it is worth looking at. For years, retailers have saved money and sold branded items with wholesale purchasing.

Squeeze tube packaging is extremely versatile when it comes to cosmetics and self care products. Hand creams, cosmetics, ointments, oral care, shampoos, and adhesives are all suitable for this style of packaging. Blend that with the retail benefits of buying wholesale, and you've got a perfect storm of elements that help to create a great end product.

Whether you're putting your branding on an aluminum tube or filling polyethylene tubes with your lip gloss, quality is king. With a little research, and some help from today's article, you'll have everything you need to find the right wholesale product for your needs.

Looking for more insights into quality packaging for your product? Interested in the ins and outs of some of the groundbreaking packaging being released, today? Check out some of our other blog content, or get in touch with us today to find out more about APG's innovative approach to packaging design.