How do you fill a cosmetic tube?

Cosmetics tubes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from flexible tubes to lip balm containers and long, narrow tubes that are typically used for lip glosses and mascaras. They are used to hold a variety of products, including liquids, gels, and pastes. At APG Packaging, we provide an extensive selection of quality cosmetics tubes that can be filled by beauty brands themselves, helping to keep operations on-site, and in-house.


But what is the easiest way to fill our cosmetics tubes?

The answer really depends on the type of tube. Flexible squeeze tubes for creams and gels are best filled using an automated machine which ensures a secure seal. These filling devices typically fill product from the base of the tube, rather than the dispensing end, using a piston which pushes the product up towards the nozzle. The end is then heat sealed, and excess material is trimmed to create an attractive tube design.

Other types of product, and other types of tube, can be filled manually if desired. Lip balm tubes can be filled by melting the product (this works for oil-based solutions) and pouring directly into the tube. As the product will not expand, it is important to fill to the rim. Once the product has cooled and set, the tube can be capped and finished.


For thicker substances, substances that do not melt, or for tubes with thin openings such as lip gloss tubes and mascara tubes that are designed for wand insertion, the syringe method can be used. For a cleaner fill, the length of the syringe can be extended using a trimmed pipette if needed, ensuring the tube is well filled and free of excess product.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when filling a cosmetics tube is the fill capacity of each individual tube. At APG Packaging, we manufacture a wide range of bottles with varying fill capacities, helping our brands to ensure that they’re able to safely and securely deliver the intended product quantity to their end users.