What is an airless jar?

An airless jar is an innovative packaging design that offers an alternative to airless pump bottles. Ideal for thicker creams, gels, and lotions which are not usually delivered in a bottle format, airless jars allow users to dispense and apply products without having to insert their fingers into the container. This significantly minimizes both the risk of oxidation and the risk of introducing bacteria which can cause the product to deteriorate.

Airless jars feature the same sort of airless technology as is found in airless pump bottles, with a piston mechanism that sees an internal disc rise upwards towards the top of the jar with each depression. When pressed, the disc rises to push an adequate quantity of the product out of a second center-dispensing disc that is located at the top of the jar. This revolutionary design ensures that only the product that is intended to be used at the time is exposed to air, with the remaining product kept within the airless chamber.


Customers can use a small, clean spatula to scrape the cream from the disc to their fingertips, and can continue to apply the product as normal. The dispensing disc is kept clean through the addition of a plastic lid that creates a tight and secure seal.

Airless jars are easy to refill, and can be reused by customers for other products after cleaning and sterilizing the container, helping end users to make responsible choices.

Airless jars are an excellent option for beauty brands introducing formulas with natural preservatives, natural ingredients, or oxygen-sensitive antioxidants. By restricting exposure to oxygen, airless technology can extend product shelf life by up to 15%.


At APG Packaging, we are proud to offer an extensive range of airless jars in a variety of sizes and designs, helping our customers to deliver high quality products in packaging that facilitates safer and more hygienic methods of application.