Is AI the next big thing in the beauty industry?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is already making waves in the beauty industry. Tools which analyze facial shape and features to determine the most flattering hair and makeup looks, for example, are widely used across the world. But does AI have what it takes to transform the industry and, more specifically, will it be the next big thing in packaging?


What is Artificial Intelligence?

To answer the question, we first need to look at what artificial intelligence really is. AI is a revolutionary technology that uses machine learning to predict future behaviors based on current and historic trends. While this is a technique that has long been used in sales and marketing, the addition of machine analysis delves deeper to identify patterns and fluctuations at a level that simply wouldn’t be possible through human analysis alone.


AI in Beauty Psychology

Beauty psychology is an area that is becoming increasingly important for brands. While packaging was once primarily focused on product protection and preservation, brands now understand that packaging also plays a major role in the decision making process.

Through the identification of buying patterns and prediction of future consumer habits, brands will be better able to acknowledge the individuality of their customers through the creation of highly personalized products in packaging that meets the aesthetic and sustainability expectations of the user. AI gives greater insight into the psychology of beauty, and helps brands to better understand what their customers are looking for.


Why Now?

It seems clear that AI will be the next big thing in the beauty industry, but why now? The reason is simple. Beauty brands hold more data about their customers than ever before. Multiple digital touch points such as websites, social media, blogs, surveys, and feedback forms enable brands to collect vital data, but this data is largely pointless without AI. AI leverages the value of this data, helping brands to learn more about their audiences, and ensure they’re always introducing products that engage and attract.


Using Customer Data

By understanding what customers are looking for not just now, but also in the future, brands are provided with a unique opportunity to tailor their approach, create custom products, and work with manufacturers to develop effective personalized packaging that drives profitability and industry reputation. AI is about staying one step ahead in a highly competitive landscape, and bringing brands and their customers closer together.