What Can Airless Pump Technology Lend to Your Product?

Todays’ cosmetics industry has had to pivot with the move toward e-commerce. Whereas consumers would typically go to a brick and mortar store to buy their personal care products and cosmetics, we have come to rely on the web more and more for these items. And shipping has required that we think differently in the way that those items are packaged. One important trend has been toward airless pump technology.

What is Airless Pump Technology?

Airless pump containers use a non-pressurized vacuum to push product up and out of the container. An airless pump doesn’t use the typical dip tube. Instead, a diaphragm or disc rises with each depression of the pump, creating the vacuum required to draw the liquid up instead of through a tube.

When it comes to airless technology, there are some important benefits.

Less Waste

Traditional tubes often leave a lot of waste in the bottom of the container. When there is product left behind, the consumer needs to remove it manually. This is not only frustrating but it also exposes the product to air and potential toxins. For sensitive products, this can be a problem. An airless pump will allow products to be dispensed completely without waste.

Extends Shelf Life

A product that doesn’t come into contact with the outside air remains more stable. This is because it’s not subject to added oxygenation. Without that possibility, you can have confidence that your product will maintain its integrity without added preservatives. This is especially important for natural and organic products.

Precise and Controlled Applications

Each time the product is dispensed, the exact dosage is completed each and every time. This is especially useful when your product depends on exact dosages.

Does Not Need to Be Upright

Your airless pump cosmetics packaging does not require it to be in an upright position for dispensing. That means your product can be dispensed from an uptight or inverted position. This adds to your product’s convenience and is particularly useful for items that are carried around daily in a purse or products that must be travel-friendly.

High-End Aesthetics

Airless pump containers lend a high-end appeal and quality to your product. With a double-wall construction, it feels substantial and sleek while providing that extra layer of protection. Airless pump packaging can be an important style component for your brand, particularly when it comes to a luxurious feel. Airless pump containers can mean the difference between a product that looks more high-end and one that is ho-hum.

Is Airless Technology Right for Your Product?

Can airless pumps enhance your products? We’d be glad to discuss it with you. At APG, we’re experts in the packaging industry with hundreds of container options, both stock and custom options. With our speed-to-market capabilities, our production capacity and our competitive pricing, we are sure to have a packaging option that is right for your product. Let us help you with all your cosmetic packaging needs.

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