Trends shaping the next era of cosmetic packaging

When you think of your favorite cosmetic product, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Perhaps it’s the way it's transformed your skin into a baby-soft, blemish-free zone. Or is it the pleasing fragrance that the formula has been scented with? Whatever it is you think of, chances are, your first thought isn’t the packaging. 

Packaging, however, is vital for protecting the product and maintaining the integrity of the formula. It’s also an element of the overall product that pulls a lot of weight when it comes to attracting consumers, as it’s the first interaction a customer will have with a product. 

Due to the importance of packaging, manufacturers are constantly innovating so that they can produce the most user-friendly and appealing packaging solutions possible. This means new trends are constantly evolving. Here are some of the trends we believe will shape the next era of product packaging (hint: sustainability is taking center stage):

  • Recycled materials: With the levels of plastic in the ocean growing at an alarming rate, the appeal of single-use plastics has dropped dramatically in recent years. In their place, recycled alternatives have become increasingly popular. Consumers are aware of the damaging effects of packaging waste and so are choosing to look for recycled alternatives instead. In the coming months and years, we expect recycled materials to become more and more prevalent.
  • Refillable containers: Another response to the push for more sustainable packaging alternatives is the rise of refillable containers. Rather than throwing a product away when it’s finished, individuals can replenish the packaging with the product and reuse it again and again. As environmentally friendly practices become increasingly prevalent among consumers, the popularity of refillable containers is expected to rise even further. 
  • Sustainable packaging materials: Finally, we expect brands to prioritize the use of sustainable packaging materials. From sugarcane and bamboo to glass, there are many different types of packaging materials that are better for the planet. One drawback of these materials, currently, is that they’re slightly more expensive than traditional packaging materials. However, given that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, sustainable packaging is an investment worth making.

Here at APG, we have decades of experience creating and manufacturing packaging for top global brands. This means we’re constantly looking out for the latest trends so that we can provide our customers with innovative packaging solutions. To benefit from our expertise, get in touch to discuss your packaging requirements with a member of our sales team.

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