The benefits of minimalist packaging for beauty brands

The concept of minimalism dates way back to ancient Rome and Greece. A Roman philosopher, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, was a minimalist who believed in living simply yet purposefully. 

In our times, minimalism can be seen as a pushback against consumerism, a phenomenon that emphasizes the acquisition of material objects as a driver for societal and personal well-being. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to combat this constant push for consumption by pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle with fewer material possessions (see: the Marie Kondo Effect). 

This trend for “less is more” has permeated many aspects of modern life, including design. Minimalist packaging is everywhere now, and its popularity with consumers is undeniable. If you’re considering adopting this approach for your own products, here are some benefits:

  • Put the spotlight on the product:When you embrace the use of minimalist design for your packaging, it puts the product in the foreground. Take The Ordinary as an example. This company’s packaging highlights the value of minimalist design, as their no-nonsense approach lets the formula of the product do the talking. From just glancing at the packaging, the consumer can easily glean what the product is, and there is no overly verbose description.
  • Clear messaging:Rather than crowding the design with graphics and too much text, a focus on the bare minimum of information informs consumers instead of confusing them. It also encourages the consumer to focus on one particular design element. For instance, a minimalist packaging design could allow your logo to stand out, which will help to reinforce your brand identity and thus enhance brand loyalty. Alternatively, you might want to use a decorative effect, such as embossing or heat transfer, to create custom packaging with one particular stand-out element. This way, your packaging will stand out despite also adhering to the principles of minimalist designs.
  • The sustainable factor: In this day and age, sustainability is a driving force for sales. As the climate crisis becomes increasingly pressing, more and more consumers are turning their backs on murky business practices and choosing to support brands that are pursuing clear, sustainability agendas. As the name suggests, minimalist packaging consists of just the materials necessary for its functionality. Therefore, it’s the least wasteful approach to packaging. In a world plagued by plastic waste, opting for minimalist packaging is a vote for a better, greener future.

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