Trends in Cosmetics Packaging and Ways They Can Translate to Your Brand

The cosmetics and beauty industry is a competitive place. Tens of thousands of products compete for our attention each and every day, from brick and mortar shops to e-commerce to social media. Packaging is constantly being considered to make products not only more noticeable but also more in keeping with current buying trends.

The look of a cosmetics line needs to appeal aesthetically to a given target market not only locally but also globally. The industry not only tries to understand current global trends but also to anticipate future ones. Cosmetics companies need to be knowledgeable and make educated decisions to remain viable in today’s as well as tomorrow’s landscape.


Sustainability and Luxury

They seem like they may be at opposite sides of the spectrum but in today’s eco-conscious marketplace, nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s consumers want natural ingredients and want packaging equally sustainable. Refillable and recyclable, post-consumer and recycled resins, glass bottles and high end packaging incorporating wood products such as bamboo are offering eco-friendly packaging options while remaining true to consumer consciousness and luxury.



We are constantly on the go and are requiring products that are easily transportable and usable. Smaller containers that can be transported while traveling, airless pump containers that will not leak, magnetic fastenings and two-in-one lipstick tubes are new trends in packaging that add value and practical worth to a product. Small containers also allow consumers to try products without investing in a large quantity until they decide if they like it.


Social Media Worthy

Social media has changed the way we buy products. The web has exposed us to more influencers and experts than ever before while also limiting out attention spans. Today’s cosmetics companies are packaging based on how their products will translate on social media especially sites like Instagram where images can easily be shared with others. Authenticity and brand culture are also things that social media users, particularly millennials, gravitate to.


An Eye on E-Commerce

With today’s e-commerce, we don’t believe in waiting for anything. Speed and attractive design are key. Packaging needs to keep a consumer’s attention long enough for conversion. In today’s e-commerce marketplace, your product may easily get dismissed with another quick click of the mouse. Speed to market requires that a manufacturer work closely with packaging and bottling suppliers to get the product to market expeditiously.


Focusing on Specific Groups

Many brands are deciding to spend time and energy focusing on particular demographics with their products. New trends are seeing particular focus on vegans, Muslim consumers and allergy sufferers when it comes to their cosmetics and packaging. The buying power of these demographics is growing and, consequently, cosmetics packaging and contents must be considered.

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