How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Market Cosmetics

Cosmetics and beauty have always been highly competitive industries and had historically relied on huge advertising campaigns in glossy magazines and television ads. Whole make-up counters and shelves upon shelves of products were devoted to enticing customers to buy. Back then, our cosmetics packaging relied on consumers physically seeing and handling those products before they purchased.


A New Way of Marketing

Fast forward a couple short decades. Who could have foreseen that we would be marketing in a whole different way? Now, e-commerce has superseded brick and mortar purchases and our current ways of cosmetics packaging needs to appeal to an online presence more than a physical storefront presence.

Today, social media marketing is a tool that has allowed both mainstream and start-ups the ability to market products without spending the millions of dollars they did on print and television advertising. In fact, no other industry has benefited from social media marketing the way that the cosmetics and beauty industry has.


Reduce Costs, Increase Effectiveness

In today’s marketing climate, more than 90 percent of marketing professionals utilize some form of social media as part of their overall strategy. Most cosmetics companies rely on social media platforms for much of their branding, research, customer retention and e-commerce. Over the past decade, social media has managed to reduce marketing expenses while increasing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


The Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

Particularly when your business is on a limited marketing budget, social media marketing can be one way to get the most for your money. Social media has become one of the most cost-effective and versatile ways to reach an audience and boost sales. This is because:


  • No matter who your target audience is, they are probably on some form of social media.
  • Consumers tend to be more receptive on social media and not feel they are being “marketed to”. Social media platforms allow your brand to be more conversational and offer real connection.
  • Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and for them to follow your brand.
  • Social media marketing can increase your brand recognition by posting valuable content and allowing new consumers to find and become familiar with you.
  • Social media marketing can increase traffic to your site and allow for more conversion.
  • Specific social media sites allow you to reach different audiences. Different demographics use different social media platforms and this enables you to target your ideal customers.
  • Because social media is a conversation, you have the availability to engage with your customers in a real and meaningful way. This is a perfect way to test out some new cosmetics packaging ideas and get real-time, real-life opinions. Not only is it a good way to get ideas and insight but it helps build brand trust when your customers can weigh in.


At APG, we know the cosmetics industry and can help you develop packaging that can get your brand noticed whether you are marketing on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site. Contact us at (626) 385-5858 or email us at and let us show you the latest in packaging options.

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