Packaging innovations for zero-waste beauty
Eco-consumerism is on the rise, which means that increasing numbers of individuals are choosing to purchase products and services from brands that are pursuing a transparent, sustainable agenda. And, research shows, they're willing to pay more for goods with sustainable packaging.

Traditionally, beauty packaging has contributed to excessive waste due to their multi-material constructions that are difficult to recycle. However, in recent years, innovations in packaging have given rise to sustainable packaging options. Let's take a closer look at what these are:

    •    Refillable containers: While the notion of reusable packaging isn't new, the worsening climate crisis has led to a renewed interest in refillable containers. Brands such as Kiehl's and Hourglass provide their customers with the choice to purchase products in refillable containers, negating the need for individuals to repurchase their favorite products housed in entirely new packaging, an approach that reduces waste and provides cost savings over time.

Here at APG, we have a wide range of packaging solutions that are suitable for refilling. From jars to bottle solutions, brands can choose from a variety of packaging options that cater to the increasing consumer demand for refillable containers.

    •    Eco-friendly materials: Plastics have long dominated cosmetic packaging due to their durability and versatility, but their environmental impact is undeniable. According to the UN, "the equivalent of 2,000 garbage trucks full of plastic are dumped into the world's oceans, rivers, and lakes". To counter this, the beauty industry is turning to biodegradable materials such as plant-based plastics, bamboo, and glass. These materials are now being used to create packaging that naturally breaks down over time, resulting in a reduction in landfill waste while simultaneously addressing the pervasive issue of microplastics in the environment. If you're looking to make the switch to sustainable packaging, head over to our catalog to browse our selection of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

    •    Tech integration: As technology becomes increasingly central to our lives, the benefits of incorporating technology into zero-waste beauty packaging shouldn't be underestimated. QR codes can be incorporated into packaging to provide customers with useful information, such as product ingredients, instructions for use, and even a company's sustainability credentials. Not only does this provide an interactive experience, it eliminates the need for excess paper inserts and empowers consumers to make informed decisions.
Are you interested in making the switch to more environmentally friendly packaging? Reach out to speak to one of our packaging specialists, who will be able to offer you expert advice.
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