How to Create Packaging That Reflects Your Important Brand

Your brand is your bread and butter as a cosmetics or skincare manufacturer. And the product itself is only part of that brand. The face -- or packaging -- of your product is part of what gets the attention and attraction to your product before the it is even removed.

We have all seen packaging that defines a brand from the more timeless to the most cutting-edge. Your packaging should clearly say who you are, who your customer is, even what your business focus is.

With a careful and astute packaging designer, you can create a design and approach that makes a definitive statement about your product just in the way it is presented. Standing out from the competition is often what makes or breaks even the best product.

Simplicity is Classic

In many ways, less is more. Consumers are often attracted to the color of the packaging or a particular shape or symbol. But too many competing features can muddy the packaging and make it too busy. With just the right combination of color, shape and even the font of your lettering, you make an understated statement about your product without busy fanfare.

Emphasis on a Logo

In keeping with simplicity, you may want to create a memorable logo and have that as your design emphasis. A logo that is simple, clean and depicts a clear message of your brand is often all you need to set yourself apart without ambitious and overly busy packaging designs.

Your Story

Does your brand have a story? Most consumers are drawn to a product with a compelling story. It builds community and gets brand loyalty, not only to the product line but to the story itself. If your product has an interesting and compelling story to tell, ask your designer how you may be able to convey that in your packaging.

Your Values

Your brand may be reflecting your values. This is particularly true with natural and organic products. Why not further state your values to health and well being by extending that to your packaging. This is easy to do with eco-friendly packaging options. Your customers will understand the further value of your product when it is packaged in an environmentally conscious way.

A Worthwhile Investment

An investment in the design and message of your packaging can go a long way in furthering your brand. And this doesn’t mean that you have to fully customize your approach.

There are many ways your designer can take a stock product and make it look uniquely yours. With a huge array of stock inventory and customization options, your packaging can look as uniquely yours as it would with a completely customized version. This is particularly good for those companies who don’t have the financial resources to pour into customized molds, tooling and surface treatments.

At APG, we have an inventory of packaging options with talented designers who can make your packaging speak volumes about your brand. Contact us to see our current inventory and to speak with one of our designers to see the options you have to make your packaging stand out from the competition.

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