How the beauty industry can play a part in mitigating climate change

Climate change is happening rapidly and, unfortunately, the beauty industry has been a large contributor to greenhouse gases and plastic waste.

Like every other industry, it’s up to many businesses in the beauty sector to pull together and do what they can to improve climate change.

Here are 4 things that every beauty brand can do to mitigate climate change.

1. Set measurable targets to improve eco-friendly initiatives

It’s no longer enough for brands to say that they care about the environment, they need to hold themselves accountable and prove that they’re making a difference. 

Brands should set measurable targets on how they intend to work towards more eco-friendly practices. 

These don’t have to be huge changes but making a conscious effort to improve your business is the first step towards making a big difference.

Beauty brands should then make this information public, sharing it with their customers, suppliers etc. so everyone can hold them accountable for the work they’re promising to do.

2. Source packaging materials from sustainable sources 

When most beauty packaging is discarded after the first use, it’s up to beauty brands and packaging manufacturers to ensure that this contributes as little waste as possible.

Single-use plastic should be avoided at all costs, and recyclable packaging should always be a priority. 

There have been many advancements in packaging materials recently, so now there is biodegradable and compostable packaging which provides a much more sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

3. Provide more incentives for customers to reduce, reuse, recycle

Once your customer has purchased your product, your responsibilities don’t end there. There’s a lot that brands can do to encourage customers to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

You could start by offering refills of products which cut down on the amount of packaging and reduces the price for customer while giving them the option to reuse the majority of their existing packaging.

Then you can make it clear on your packaging what can be recycled and how customers can do so.

You could also consider offering initiatives to customers who recycle their packaging. Either through a scheme where they bring packaging back to you to recycle for a free product, or by racking up points on an app every time they take their packaging to the local recycling plant.

4. Work together with vendors, suppliers, and competitors

Finally, if the beauty industry is to make a difference, everyone needs to work together to cut down on waste and seek out more environmentally friendly processes. 

Brands should work with their vendors and suppliers to adopt eco-friendly initiatives and can even work with competitors to create a better beauty industry for everyone.


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