Four things to consider when choosing mascara packaging
Mascara is the kind of beauty product someone will always have at hand - be it at the bottom of a bag, in the glove compartment of a car, or even in a pocket. Whatever the personal style, however light or heavy their make-up, mascara is an absolute beauty staple and packaging is as important as the product. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing packaging for your mascara.

    •    Size and shape
As something the customer always needs to have at hand, it goes without saying that the mascara tube needs to be compact and easy to carry. This is not to say there cannot be creativity in putting the packaging together but keeping it compact and easy to carry is essential. It is also good to keep packaging minimal: not only does it cut costs, but excessive, unneeded packaging is wasteful and that’s not something many consumers are fond of. Speaking of avoiding waste…

    •    Materials
Sustainable is the word of the decade - and likely of the next few decades as well, with consumers increasingly putting their money towards eco-friendly products and packaging. Mascara packaging solutions made from recyclable or biodegradable materials, such as glass or bamboo, are in high demand. Plastic should only be used if recycled and recyclable - and in this case, the packaging should let customers know! It can become a strong selling point, particularly among younger generations. Speaking of generations…

    •    Target market
Knowing who your product is aimed at is fundamental when it comes to any sort of packaging choice. If the customer base you intend to reach is made up of the younger demographic, then vibrant, bold colors may be a good choice - think of how iconic the Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara has become, with its bright pink and green coloring.

If the target is older adult women, a more sophisticated packaging - for example, glass with bamboo finishes to give it a luxury feel - may be a better choice. If your product is good for everyone, then nothing keeps you from using both designs in order to market them to different demographics. What matters most is that the product stands out from others on the shelf.

    •    Functionality
Unlike with other types of cosmetic packaging, mascara packaging does more than hold the product: there is also the built-in applicator to consider. A good applicator is fundamental when it comes to achieving a good end result, giving eyelashes the desired length and volume without clumps or smudges. In the end, that is what customers care about most.

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