4 advantages of custom packaging for influencer and celebrity collaborations

With the ubiquity of social media constantly increasing, influencers and celebrities alike have more sway over consumer behavior than ever before. Thanks to this, there have been a rise in brands looking to collaborate with these influential individuals.

From Maddie Ziegler x Morphe to The Kings x Colourette, there are multiple examples of successful beauty products hailing from collaborations. These partnerships are often special edition or limited time releases, meaning their packaging should stand out from a brand’s ordinary offerings. This is where custom packaging comes in. Keep reading to discover the advantages of custom packaging for influencer and celebrity collaborations:

  • Brand differentiation: By collaborating with famous individuals, brands can stand out from competitors by offering a unique addition to their product offerings that sets them apart from others in the industry. By opting for custom packaging, elements of the individuals persona can be incorporated in the design, adding a personalized touch that will help to encourage an emotional response from admirers of the individual, helping to generate interest in the product.
  • Appeal to a broader customer base: Creating custom packaging for your product allows you to shine a light on the individual with which you’re collaborating. This means the reach of your product extends beyond your typical target market, as fans that may otherwise be unaware of your brand are still likely to purchase the product in support of their idol. Furthermore, it elevates the product to a collector’s item, as it becomes a cherished item that fans and consumers proudly display.
  • Influential storytelling: Custom packaging can be an effective storytelling tool, enabling brands to communicate their message in a visually appealing manner. By collaborating with influencers and celebrities, brands gain access to their unique stories. The packaging can incorporate elements that reflect these stories, allowing consumers to engage with the brand on a deeper level.
  • Enhance consumer experience: Collaborations often encourage a sense of anticipation and excitement around the release of a product. Custom packaging can amplify these emotions, offering consumers a premium and immersive unboxing experience. Quirky and interesting elements can be included, such as QR codes that provide the end-user with unique content, such as a video message or tutorial from the celebrity or influencer themselves.


Here at APG, we provide personal care brands with high-quality custom packaging solutions. From embossing to hot stamps and water transfers, we are experts in a variety of customization techniques, allowing you to create truly eye-catching and  memorable packaging.

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