The Benefits of Stock Cosmetics Packaging

Beauty and self-care products are always competing for brand-identification and speed to market. Many times, this can be accomplished by creating custom looks with stock packaging. 

For companies that need a specific brand presentation but don’t have extensive financial resources to invest in custom molds and tooling, stock products can be a perfect fit. Today, there is the ability to take stock packaging and make it speak the language of your brand without the custom price point.

Time to Market

When it comes to stock packaging, one of the biggest reasons for using it is time to market. A brand using customized packaging will need to factor in the time needed to customize and manufacture that packaging. A shortened development time is essential in the competitive personal care field.

Time is money and timing can be one of the most integral reasons for a brand to use a stock package instead of expending the time required to develop and manufacture customized packaging. Consequently, using stock packaging offers a faster turnaround time and a substantial competitive edge.

Saves Money 

Using stock packaging will save money compared to the costs of customized molds, tooling and assembly. Customized packaging often requires a brand to sell both at higher quantities and at a higher price point to offset the financial investment of customization.

Stock packaging will help reduce time, reduce costs and help ensure that logistics run smoothly.

Great for Smaller Lines and Start-Ups

Having the availability of a diverse collection of stock packaging options offers start-ups and smaller cosmetic lines with smaller budgets a dependable and economical way to get their products to market.

Quicker Reaction to Market Demand

Such as the demand we are seeing right now due to the coronavirus in bottle and pump options for sanitizers, using stock packaging offers lightning-fast reactions to current market demand.

Alternative Size Options 

Stock packaging offers the availability of many different size options for a single product to maintain a consistent look.

Enables Smaller Runs to Test Consumer Insight

For brands that want to test a new product to gain consumer insight, using stock packaging makes it cost-effective and quick to market.

Creating Customized Looks

Stock cosmetic packaging is highly customizable and can be decorated to reflect any brand or image. Customization of stock products can be used to dramatically change the look to create a luxurious or sleek image.

Stock products still have the ability to use decorative and graphic techniques that create a customized high-end look within a cost-effective framework. These include anodizing, embossing, debossing, heat transfers, hot stamps, and spray finishes.

Availability of Stock Options

Most containers and packaging is available in stock options, from bottles and jars to lipstick tubes and palettes. Many suppliers of stock packaging have already perfected their product lines and many have also done required compatibility tests for particular products.

At APG, we are known for our extensive portfolio and inventory of stock packaging options. As one of the world’s leading cosmetic packaging suppliers, we would be happy to discuss how our stock packaging options may be good for your products and your brand. Contact us at (626) 385-5858 or email us at to see how we can help save you money and get your product to market quicker.