How to Choose the Right Cosmetics Packaging Supplier for Your Products and Your Brand

How to Choose the Right Cosmetics Packaging Supplier for Your Products and Your Brand 

In a highly competitive industry, getting your cosmetics packaging right is essential. But how do you choose a company that can be true to your brand, offer valuable insight and yet offer the best products at the most cost-effective price point and get your product to market quickly and efficiently? It is a tall order.

While most companies have the ability to supply you with a broad range of packaging options, there are many other variables to consider. Time is money and making the right packaging choice for your products is crucial.


Apart from the obvious aspects of attractive design options, customization options, good sales support and customer service, your supplier needs to offer

  • A large selection of packaging options in a variety of materials
  • A substantial inventory of stock options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely delivery
  • Consistent quality
  • The right government certification, regulatory compliance and documentation
  • Adequate storage, warehouse and inventory management capacity


The right packaging supplier will be an active partner in your success. It’s important to make sure you choose the right one.


You want to choose a supplier with a broad selection of options in containers, materials and finishes. In this way, you have set yourself up for both short-term and long-term packaging options for when you expand or bring more products to market.

Inventory and Stock

Your supplier may have an extensive catalog but if these products aren’t in stock, then it becomes an unnecessary disadvantage in your time to market. Your supplier should have the majority of their stock products readily available and ready to go.

Competitive Pricing

No matter how large or small your enterprise, your eye is always on the bottom line. Your packaging represents part of this. When you are shopping for cosmetic packaging suppliers, you want to consider their pricing and how it compares in the industry. Cheaper isn’t always better. Keep that in mind. A cheap product may suffer in quality.

Delivery Time 

Your supplier should be trusted with their delivery promises. As your partner, you must rely on them to deliver on time without delays. A supplier that is consistently late in delivering is not a trustworthy partner.

Consistent Quality 

You need to rely on your supplier to provide consistent quality in their products. Your packaging is the face of your product. Inconsistent or poor packaging quality reflects badly your brand and your image.

Certification, Compliance and Documentation

Your packaging supplier needs to fulfill requirements set by agencies to ensure that their products meet guidelines and statutory regulations. Producers in the US should be certified according to the standards set by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Compliance with the right regulatory agencies will ensure that your packaging has been vetted and certified for quality and consistency.

Warehousing, Storage and Inventory Management Capability

You may have no storage options of your own and will need a supplier that has the ability to store your products until you are ready for them. A highly-organized inventory management system should be in place so they can quickly and easily locate and document products for shipment.

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