The Best Cosmetic Container Options for Your Products

You’ve put years of blood, sweat and tears into your personal care and skincare products. And when you’re searching for the right line of containers for those products, you need to be confident that they will represent your brand and your look while fully protecting your product.

The Importance of the Right Packaging

Containers and packaging may just be the outside face of the inside product, but it is extremely important in attracting your target market and holding their attention. Today’s packaging and cosmetic containers must not only fit the personality and packaging needs of the product but, often, they can also convey their own message on who you are as a brand. In fact, product containers should be considered at the beginning of a launch plan to ensure that your brand message is seamless.

Containers Must Fulfill Multiple Needs

Particularly with products that contain skin-nourishing oils and natural ingredients, the material that your packaging is made from will not only serve to protect it, but also mustn't react to it either. The containers you choose must also fit your needs for ease and cost in manufacturing and shipping.

Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

Plastics are lightweight and non-breakable and a perfect material for skincare and makeup products. Plastics come in several variations including


  • PP Plastics, or polypropylene plastic. These are strong and resistant to contamination. PP is BPA-free, recyclable and uses less resin than some other plastics on the market. It is a particularly popular choice for tubes and for cosmetic containers.
  • PVC Plastics, or polyvinyl chloride plastic, is not harmful like the older iterations of PVC. Added plasticizers make this PVC more flexible and malleable, which makes it perfect for plastic tubes.
  • PET Plastics, or polyethylene terephthalate, is extruded or molded for use in many food containers as well as personal care products. PET provides a barrier between the plastic and the product inside. This plastic is clear, durable, squeezable, nonreactive and lightweight and can be molded into a variety of shapes.



Glass personal care and skincare containers are upscale-looking and can be seen as an environmentally friendly option over plastic. Dark glass is a good option for sensitive products, ones that have essential oil ingredients or are high in particular vitamins such as vitamin C. The downside to glass is that it can be more expensive to ship and its breakability factor makes it harder to handle during manufacturing.


Metal offers a clean and sleek look but will require a special interior coating for those products with a high concentration of essential oils. Metal cosmetic containers are opaque which helps protect the product from ultraviolet rays. The downside to metal is that it can get bent and marked in manufacturing and shipping.


Bamboo creates a look that is luxurious, yet also sustainable. Bamboo with plastic liners protects the product inside and offers great branding for any company that has an eco-friendly message.


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