Plastic Tube Containers with Screw On Lids - Threaded Packaging Tubes

Are you searching for the right plastic container for your line of products? At APG, we offer tube containers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and head styles. If you need plastic tube containers with screw-on lids, and threaded packaging tubes, you're sure to find the best options in our inventory.

We have a full line of cosmetic tubes, test tubes, and a variety of tubes for skincare products. You can pick up plastic tubes with screw-on lids in any size. Plus you have unlimited design options and surface finishes. 

Not only that, but we can also create custom packaging containers with your logo or another image on the bottle. Before you decide, here's everything you need to know about our plastic tube containers with screw-on lids, and more.

Manufacturing Plastic Tube Containers

Injection molding is a manufacturing process to fabricate plastics into everything from automotive body parts, to water bottles, and plastic containers for make-up. This quick process creates identical plastic pieces, with flexible shape and size possibilities. Thanks to injection molding, we have limitless design options in plastics manufacturing.

We also can choose other alternatives to traditional plastics in our manufacturing process.

PP Plastics

Additionally, we use a type of plastic called polypropylene, or PP because of the strength of the material. It's also chemical resistance to ensure that the product doesn't get contaminated. Using PP is more eco-friendly, as well, since it uses less resin than most plastics and is recyclable too.

Empty plastic jars can easily fill landfills, which makes our PP plastic threaded tube packaging containers an excellent choice. 

PVC Plastic Tubes

On the other hand, you'll also find plastic PVC tubes with lids. Here's the thing, these days we can use polyvinyl chloride AKA PVC plastic that isn't harmful like traditional PVC. Using plasticizers such as vegetable oils, citrates, and other bio-based plasticizers make the PVC softer, easier to work with, and much less brittle.

Not only that, but the bio-based plasticizers make the plastic tubes much more environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

PET Plastics

You might assume that PET plastics are something you use if you're a pet supply manufacturer. On the contrary, PET AKA polyethylene terephthalate is polyester's scientific name. These days we use this clear, durable, and lightweight plastic for everything from packaging foods and beverages, to packaging mouthwash, shampoo, window cleaner, and makeup. The ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, form spaghetti-like strands of PET are extruded then we cut into small pellets.

Then we heat the PET plastics into a molten liquid that we can mold into almost any shape.

Other Options

Now, not all cosmetics tubes today are plastic. In fact, we can manufacture collapsible tubes from aluminum, too. The opaque metal helps protect the product from ultraviolet rays which can cause negative effects on the product inside.

Additionally bamboo casings and even paper are all options. Ultimately, plastic tube containers with screw-on lids can be a combination of materials.

Plastic Tube Containers With Screw-on Lids

Whether you're searching for a plastic vial, threaded tube packaging containers, or even a plastic test tube or test tube with a cap, we have options for you. Our plastic tube containers with screw-on lids come in a selection of styles, as well as a wide variety of fill capacities.

For example, take a look at our HDPE 360 Rotation Atomizer for serums, creams, lotions, skin-care, moisturizers, and more. It's the perfect bottle and cap combination for creating a fine mist spray. 

Filling Empty Plastic Containers

When it comes to filling flexible squeeze tubes for creams and gels, using a machine that seals the tube after filling it is the best option. Adding the product from the base of the tube pushes the product up towards the nozzle. Then it's heat-sealed, and trimmed leaving a perfectly smooth plastic tube.

Of course, you can also fill the plastic tubes manually if you have small runs. For example, if you make lip balm, you can pour melted product directly into lipstick tubes and cap it once it's set. Another method is using a syringe for a more controlled, cleaner fill.

What's more, we offer refillable containers. If you operate an eco-friendly company, offering refillable empty plastic packaging containers with your logo could be an excellent source of branding.

Pick Your Packaging Containers

Let's take a look at some of the options you have in empty plastic containers. First off, you may want screw lids with children resistant packaging. PET plastic packaging containers are an excellent choice for safety on a range of products from spray caps to dropper caps.

However, you'll want to think about what types of products are best suited for screw lids that are child-resistant. Plastic containers work best over time. But always keep in mind that plastic jar caps must be the right size to fit properly and not jeopardize the integrity of what's inside the bottle. 

We offer a variety of tubes with lids, as well. From lip balm containers such as our Shimmer Hexagonal Aqua Green Lipstick Case to plastic pup bottles. We even have an off the shelf environmentally friendly bamboo jar with a plastic jar inner liner and an anti-leak plastic top.

Bamboo is a gorgeous addition for enhancing your products. You may want to consider using bamboo with plastic liners for branding if you have an eco-friendly company. The perception of bamboo in the cosmetic and self-care industries is sustainability as well as luxury.

Now, you may want to offer smaller containers for travel. Or you could let your customers try products in smaller containers so they decide if they like it. We can also supply a plastic test tube with a cap to use as you develop your formulas. 

Custom Formula

Thanks to our broad array of innovative cosmetic packaging, we can work with brands of all sizes from local to international. If you need some design direction for your next project, we can help there, too. Our experts will work with you to design the packaging and explore creative possibilities to make your products stand out on the market.

We can customize shapes, colors and other design options, including threaded plastic tubes and plastic tube containers with screw-on lids.

What's more, we can add your design or logo to the packaging and also manufacture tubes and containers in custom Pantone colors. Our full catalog of health, skincare, and cosmetics packaging is the perfect starting point for customizing airless bottles, droppers, collapsible tubes, and even deodorant containers.

No matter what kind of containers you need, we can supply the best plastic products and more at APG.

About APG

With over 20 years in manufacturing APG strives to develop cutting edge products that help our customers stand out from their competitors. Our goal to push the boundaries of possibilities in sustainable plastics to produce jars, plastic boxes, plastic tubes with lids, and more. With two facilities in China, as well as manufacturing in California, Ohio, and Virginia, we have a reach that ensures our customers will get their orders fulfilled in a timely turnaround.

What this means for you is quality products at unrivaled production speed, with costs below what you'll find in the rest of the market. We currently stock over 2,000 structures, which means drastically cutting lead times. Not only that, but these pre-manufactured products offer benchmarks if you want to undertake custom projects.

At APG we also offer product development from concept to finish in as little as a 90-day turnaround. APG loves pushing the boundaries of possibility. That's why we collaborate with our clients to engineer custom cutting edge solutions that fit every need.

Align Your Packaging With Your Branding

If you want to keep up and surpass the competition, then you need to keep up on trends in cosmetic packaging. Eco-friendly plastics are packaging not only stands out, but it's also on point with current buying trends. You want the look of your product line to reflect the ideals of your target market. APG can assist in making those all-important packaging decisions, as well.

At APG, we have seen trends come and go in the cosmetics packaging industry over the past 25 years. And, as industry experts, we can leverage these trends for our customers’ brand. Your brand can exude both sustainability and luxury with natural ingredients and equally sustainable packaging.

From our refillable plastic tubes to recyclable plastic options and beautiful bamboo products that combine both plastic inserts and eco-friendly packaging, we have the perfect plastic containers to hold your products.

Work With the Professionals

We know the cosmetics packaging industry backward and forward. And, as an industry-leader among cosmetic packaging suppliers, we pride ourselves on our design capabilities, as well as our ability to produce packaging that makes you stand out from the competition.

Not only that, but we also know how to reduce your costs. 

If you want to find out more about all we offer and discuss your project, give us a call or email us at sales[at]apackaging Let's make something unique together.