Packaging ideas for gender-inclusive products
Gender neutrality is becoming an increasingly important feature in marketing. Gone are the days when a majority of brands signify “female” products with pink packaging and “male” products with blue. As the discourse around gender equality becomes more fervent, gender-neutral packaging has become more relevant.

From makeup and skincare to grooming products, antiquated ideas are being phased out in favor of a more inclusive approach. If you’re a brand operating in the personal care industry, you might be wondering how you can make your packaging gender inclusive. Here are some ideas:

    •    Minimalism is key: In order to appeal to a diverse range of individuals, you may want to consider choosing a sleek and minimalist packaging design. To achieve this, focus on using neutral colors and bold typography. Brands such as Aesop and Byredo have nailed the minimalist design, creating products that appeal to all, regardless of their gender orientation.

    •    Abstract artwork: If you’re angling to create packaging that stands out, consider incorporating some abstract artwork or graphics that don’t adhere to traditional gender stereotypes. Prioritize the use of colors and shapes that evoke emotion rather than specific gender-focused associations.

    •    Inclusive language: When you’re deciding on the copy for your labelling, make sure the language you use is inclusive. For instance, you could say “for all skin types” instead of using gendered descriptors such as “for women” or “for men”. To support your use of gender-neutral language, build a more inclusive brand image by avoiding gender-specific terms across all your marketing efforts, whether that’s on your company’s website or Instagram account.

    •    Focus on functionality: Rather than focusing on appealing to a specific gender, make the focus of your packaging on the functionality of the product. The packaging design used by the skincare brand The Ordinary is a great example of the appeal of this approach. As highlighted on their website, their brand “was created to celebrate integrity in its most humble and true form”. Each of their products is clearly labelled, and avoid the use of superfluous claims.
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