Mist sprays versus aerosols – which one should you choose?

Mist sprays versus aerosols – which one should you choose?

When you’re designing beauty products, packaging shouldn’t be left to the last minute. It’s an important factor in the overall functionality and usability of your products that consumers really do care about.

With liquid formulas, you may be choosing between mist sprays or aerosols. Here’s how you can decide which packaging format will work best for your products.

Choosing mist sprays

Mist spray packaging operates by a pump mechanism that dispenses product in a fine mist. They are suitable for a wide range of beauty products, including toners, facial mists, hair sprays, and setting sprays. They are particularly effective for water-based formulations that require a fine and even application.

Mist sprays often provide a more controlled and targeted application compared to aerosols, they also have more control over the product so they can regulate the amount of product they want to use.

This type of packaging is generally more environmentally friendly than aerosols as they use non-pressurized containers, don’t release propellants that contribute to air pollution, and the packaging materials are typically recyclable.

Choosing aerosols

Aerosol packaging uses a pressurized container and a propellant to release product in a fine spray that’s uniform and consistent. They provide quick and efficient application, covering larger areas with minimal effort. Aerosols are often chosen for products that require a strong hold or a consistent, widespread application, such as hairsprays, deodorants, and sunscreens.

One of the main drawbacks of aerosols is that they have been associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a big cause of air pollution. There are now designs that use eco-friendly propellants in aerosol containers, but it’s something that you should check before going ahead with this packaging option.

Which option is right for you?

If you aren’t sure which packaging option is right for your brand and product, here are some more considerations that you may want to go over.

1.   What type of product are you producing?

The actual product you’re making is one of the most important factors. Lighter formulations like facial mists and toners may work better with a precise mist spray, whereas things like hairsprays and deodorants may require the efficiency of an aerosol.

2.   What do your customers prefer?

Understanding the preferences of your target audience is also an important consideration. If you have eco-conscious customers, mist sprays would be the obvious choice. Similarly, some customers may prefer the controlled experience of mist sprays over the convenience of aerosols – that preference is up to you to find out!

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