Learning Consumer Packaging Preferences Is Vital for Business Growth, says leading packaging provider

In a highly competitive market, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed. One way to do this is by understanding consumer preferences and adapting to meet their needs. Leading packaging provider, APackaging Group, is urging businesses to focus on learning consumer packaging preferences as it is vital for business growth.

A report released by NielsenIQ revealed that 25% of consumers purchased items from a new brand thanks to its unique packaging, and only 6% of consumers were unwilling to try something different. For emerging brands, this demonstrates that innovative packaging can help them to stand out in a crowded market.

Consumer packaging preferences have changed dramatically in recent years. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and demanding sustainable packaging options. They are also looking for packaging that is easy to use, convenient, and enhances the product's efficacy.

Airless packaging is one such example of a packaging trend that is becoming increasingly popular with beauty product users. Airless packaging ensures the product is protected from air exposure, which can degrade the product's quality over time. This type of packaging also ensures the user can access every drop of the product, reducing waste.

Brands that switch to airless packaging can benefit from increased customer loyalty, improved product efficacy, and reduced environmental impact. However, making the switch to airless packaging requires expertise and resources, which is why partnering with a trusted packaging provider is essential.

"Our team has extensive knowledge of consumer packaging preferences, and we work closely with businesses to ensure they can meet their customers' demands," said Hannah Palese, spokesperson for APG. "We know that businesses that invest in understanding consumer preferences and adapting their packaging accordingly will have a competitive advantage in the market. They can also drive brand loyalty and increase customer retention."

Businesses that want to maintain a competitive advantage and meet the evolving demands of their customers should partner with a packaging provider that has the capabilities and knowledge to help them succeed.


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