Innovative dispensing solutions for liquid cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, the packaging requirements differ vastly depending on the particular formula of the products. For instance, a foundation requires precise dosing of a small quantity, whereas a fake tan can be pumped out in bigger quantities, and far more liberally.

Due to the variations in products in the cosmetic industries, different dispensing solutions are available. Here’s an overview of the main types:

  • Dropper bottles: When it comes to dispensing a precise amount of product, you can’t go wrong with dropper bottles. From liquid highlighters to serums, a dropper dispenser allows the user to dispense small droplets with a simple squeeze of the bulb. This allows the user to only extract the amount of product they need, which helps to prevent waste.
  • Airless dispensing: Unlike traditional pumps or bottles, airless dispensing solutions are designed to protect cosmetics from external contaminants, preserving the efficacy of the product. The technology works by creating a vacuum inside the container, which pushes the product up as the bottom rises. There’s no need to cut off the end of the tube to scrape the last bit out, the user can access all of the product, so none of it is wasted.
  • Dispensable tubes: This type of dispensing solution is a popular choice for products such as foundations or creams. Not only are dispensable tubes practical, but they’re also versatile. Various cap options or applicators can be added, to tailor the packaging to the precise needs of the end consumer. For instance, a narrower opening can be added, for more precise dispensing. Or, some tubes can come with built-in brushes or rollerballs.
  • Foam dispensers: For products such as fake tan or shaving foams, foam dispensers are a great dispensing solution. These containers transform liquid cosmetics into an airy foam upon dispensing, allowing the user to apply the product with ease. It also helps to reduce the amount of product needed for each application, making it a cost-effective choice for the consumer.
  • Pump bottles: A trusted choice for liquid cosmetics, pump bottles are known for their ease of use. With just a single pump, the user can dispense the product. They’re a no fuss, no frills solution to product dispensing. Thanks to their simplicity, they’re used for a wide range of cosmetics, from body lotions and shampoos to face cleansers.

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