Cosmetic containers wholesale is big business. The estimated market value of global cosmetic packaging (1) is $28.27 billion, with a projected value of $32.86 by 2025. By material type (2) plastic segments dominate the industry, while plastic bottles dominate the product category segment in 2021.

Many entrepreneurs are looking to invest in cosmetic containers to start a cosmetics business. Considering the popularity of wholesale cosmetics, including wholesale cosmetic packaging, it’s no wonder why. But, before you are ready to make the big bucks, you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You will be working with different types of empty cosmetic containers. Learning about the different materials you will come across can be useful for a successful wholesale cosmetic business. Here are the materials you can use and the pros and cons that come with them.

Glass Containers For Better Visibility

Glass cosmetics are highly challenged by cheaper alternatives. Especially plastics. That’s why the glass cosmetic jar market is looking to innovate and push the boundaries. Many manufacturers offer bottle glass that’s resistant to breakage, lightweight, and highly decorated.

Products like round glass bottles bode well in the perfume industry, which is currently holding 45% of (3) the market share. And it’s predicted to reach a staggering 48% in the next couple of years. The reason companies choose to work with glass jars like cobalt blue glass is because it’s seen as an eco-friendly approach while limiting the amount of UV light to pass through, which can shorten the shelf life of products.

But, a glass bottle is expensive to handle in manufacturing and to ship. Round glass is popular for perfumes, while dark glass is a go-to choice for lotions, serums, and essential oils. Amber glass works well for body and bath products. Clients won’t choose frosted glass since this material is best meant for bathrooms, commercial venues, and front doors.


  • High decorative appeal, ideal for beauty packaging.
  • Provides a longer storage period.
  • Better for general-purpose cosmetic packaging.


  • Fragile material that’s easy to break.
  • Expensive to handle and ship.

Plastic Cosmetic Containers For a Wide Variety

Plastic gives you plenty of versatility in bulk cosmetic containers and packaging. It is a convenient material you can use in cosmetic containers. It is often a material of choice. Mainly for its shatterproof surface, flexible pouches, and visibility.

For someone who focuses on beauty containers wholesale, you need compact and portable containers that you can rely on. Plastic jars and plastic cosmetic, in general, offers exactly that. Choosing the right plastic container that would suit your business often depends on the types of plastic you select for wholesale. These include:

  • LDPE is a solid wholesale option that adds a bit more flexibility for squeezing tubes and bottles. So, that you can make sure the round plastic bottle you sell is easier to use.
  • PET plastic is good for wholesale when you want a more transparent and rigid product. Like a spray bottle, for example. Basically, it looks like glass, but without the additional cost.
  • White HDPE is a great wholesale option with bulk skincare packaging since it has the same perks as PET. But, it lacks transparency.

The problem with round plastic for cosmetic bottles wholesale is that it creates a ton of waste. Also, it won’t make the product last longer than it would with glass material. The main reason people use it for cosmetic containers is that it is cheap, lightweight, and easy to carry.


  • Plastic for cosmetic packaging is affordable, flexible, odorless, and durable.
  • For beauty products, plastic is convenient to use.


  • With plastic skincare bottles wholesale, you create a ton of waste.
  • It is susceptible to stress cracking, absorption, and crazing.

Metal Containers For Better Durability

Metal cosmetic containers wholesale offer exclusive design. Metal tins and metal cans are relatively unbreakable. These types of cosmetic containers offer the best possible protection of products. They keep the high temperatures and moisture from damaging the contents.

But, most importantly, metal is recyclable. Meaning that if you want environmentally-friendly cosmetic packaging, then metals are a great way to start. The reason many bulk cosmetic containers are made of metal is that this material can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes. That way you can avoid unnecessary waste.

For overall wholesale Canada, metals are a sustainable, lasting, and efficient solution. When you combine them with plastic elements, you can create a unique design. But, this will also reflect on the price. Then again, metal has its uses.

The aluminum in wholesale skin care packages shields against germs. You can find a ton of collapsible aluminum or tin tubes on the market. The packaging itself is stable and doesn’t break as easily as wholesale skin care jars made of glass. So, metal doesn’t just add a level of sophistication, but durability and practicality as well. This can come in handy for any wholesale USA company looking to find the best materials for packaging.


  • Offers stable skincare packaging wholesale products that are strong and durable.
  • Metal is a reusable and sustainable material ideal for an eco-friendly approach.
  • With packaging supplies, you can convey luxury while maintaining affordable prices.


  • As per total production, wholesale containers for metal manufacturing need experienced personnel to do the work.
  • Metal lacks the flexibility you get from plastics.

Which Material Works Best for Bottle Wholesale?

When working with wholesale cosmetics, lotion bottles, lotion pumps, aluminum bottles, and other cosmetic containers, you can’t really pick a single material to work with. The volume of the product will impact its weight and size. It will affect the wholesale price, storage, and shipping.

Evaluate what suits the product. Including its compatibility, usage, and style. Including safety – does it need to have child resistant caps? Is the product more suited for pump bottles? You can then work out the suitable materials to make the containers. For example, products that oxidize very fast require an air-tight container. That’s exactly the case with skin care jars wholesale.

In other words, when considering the container packaging assess every aspect of the product that needs selling, such as the biological, chemical, and physical aspects of its contents. Then select the preferred type of closure (roll-on, crimp-on, press-on, screw-on, or friction).

Final Thoughts

Packaging isn’t just important – it is everything. It embodies the brand’s memorability and identity. Plus, it plays a key factor in the price, storage, and shipping. Remember, a consumer’s initial impressions will affect their buying choices. You want to capture their attention so that you can grow and reinvent your business.

Often, clients looking to buy a specific material will point out what they need. But, it is critical for a wholesaler to be able to advise their clients on which material to select. When selling products such as these, you should take into account the sustainability, durability, and performance of the material of choice. Each has its own pros and cons.

Plastics are cheap, flexible, and practical. They are highly valued for their stylish design and bendable nature. But, they are not good for the environment. Glass is attractive and convenient but can come at a hefty price. Then there is metal. It is durable and eco-friendly, but it weighs more. Recently, a ton of companies have made the transition to metal packaging. Mainly to reduce the waste. It’s high-quality and a trendy choice. With the cosmetic containers wholesale industry, you will most likely be working with all of them.

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