The top tips for creative label design ideas and packaging inspiration

When there are plenty of people offering similar products to your company, one of the ways that you can really stand out is through superior label and packaging design.

If your products are sitting on a shelf among competitors, some consumers may be basing their purchasing decisions purely on packaging, so you want to make sure that yours is as good as it can be to grab their attention instantly.

If you’re still working on your branding, here are some of our favorite tips for label design ideas and packaging design inspiration to help get you started.

Make your packaging usable

Interesting bottles and pumps may look stylish and aesthetic, but if they don’t work properly then customers are never going to want to buy your product and won’t turn into repeat buyers.

Try to find a balance between usability and appearance to create packaging that customers want to proudly display on their shelves, but also are a joy to use.

Use software to design your packaging

You may have great ideas, but they might not always translate well in-person. You can use label design software and software for packaging design to help you recreate the packaging in 3D.

Software like Filestage, Adobe Dimension and Boxshot are all excellent to use.

Get creative and convey your brand message

Every brand has something that makes them special, so make sure you show this in your packaging. Are you a young, fun brand? Use bright colors, different patterns, and interesting fonts to target your ideal customers.

Are you a spa, or luxury brand? Go for neutral tones, minimalist packaging, and stripped-back patterns to convey what you’re all about.

Put your product’s USPs clearly on the front of the packaging

We both know that you have a fantastic product that’s effective, but does a customer in a store know that? Although you may want to have a fancy design for your labels and packaging, you also must remember that their purpose is to sell your product.

Think about your target consumer and in a few words, explain why they should buy your product—put this right on the front in a large font to grab their attention, then they will go on to read more.