Airless Serum Pump Bottles for Cosmetics

Within the booming skincare industry, one product, in particular, is gaining unprecedented steam.

We're talking about face serums: the highly concentrated, deeply penetrating specialty products designed to tackle every complexion woe from fine lines to acne. 

The trademark and calling cards of these products are the active ingredients they contain, which can range from hyaluronic acid to Vitamin E and a host of others in between. Keeping these ingredients pure and uncontaminated is of utmost importance, especially for natural beauty manufacturers who produce preservative-free, eco-friendly serums.

This is where airless serum pump bottles come in.

Designed to keep the good stuff in and everything else out, they're the ideal solution for any cosmetic or skincare company offering a branded serum product. Today, we're sharing a little more about these bottles, including why it's smart to buy them in bulk!

Why Do Serums Need Airless Pumps?

Most serums are both potent and multi-functional. The ingredients within them are precious and easily altered by even the smallest microorganisms. 

As such, beauty brands are looking for innovative ways to control dosing and preserve formulas to the greatest extent possible. This helps ensure that the contents within the package remain hygienic, effective, and accessible down to the very last drop.

While many serums come in dropper bottles, it's important to source these from a reliable supplier, like our company. Otherwise, the seal around the dropper could easily become loose and dislodge the glass tube from the plastic dropper applicator. When this happens, the product inside is immediately exposed to oxygen.

On the other hand, airless pumps ensure that the serum contained in the bottle remains pure and unchanged.

How Does an Airless Pump Work?

Compared to a traditional lotion pump, an airless pump doesn't allow air to enter back into the bottle after the product dispenses. Instead, it relies on a small plastic disc, called a piston.

When a user presses on the actuator of an airless pump, the piston pushes the substance toward the dispensing nozzle, located at the top. When the product is dispensed, it creates a vacuum effect within the chamber. 

From there, the piston moves upward to compress the remaining product and regulate the change in pressure. If you've ever seen the tiny air hole in the base of an airless pump bottle, that's why it's there! Its purpose is to allow air to replace the space that results as the product levels shrink.

Benefits of an Airless Serum Bottle Solution

Now that we've covered how an airless serum bottle works, are you considering buying them in bulk for your beauty brand?

If so, it helps to know the benefits of taking this step. Let's review a few of the top reasons your customers will choose your bottle over the competition.

Protects Active Ingredients

Thanks to the design of the airless pump, the product doesn't hit oxygen until it's out of the bottle. This helps ensure the integrity of the active ingredients inside, which can then improve its overall performance. 

Extends Shelf Life

Serums contained within airless pump bottles are designed to outlast their peers. That's because they don't allow air to travel back into the bottle when the formula is dispensed. 

Without the added risk of oxygen exposure to contend with, these products remain as powerful two months down the road as on the day you bought them. 

Reduces or Eliminates Preservatives

Major label cosmetic companies aren't the only ones developing and distributing serums. Rather, thanks to the rise in green beauty, many small-to-midsize labels also offer their own versions. 

In most cases, these are all-natural, organic formulas with sensitive ingredients that don't include a laundry list of chemical or synthetic preservatives. In normal lotion bottles, these would be required to make the serums shelf-stable enough for mass production. However, with airless bottles, these companies can greatly reduce their use of preservatives or even go preservative-free altogether!

Ensures Product Efficacy

Serums do more than cleanse and moisturize. Most are formulated to deliver advanced, clinical results that visibly transform the look and feel of your skin from the inside out. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Anti-aging serums
  • Acne-fighting serums
  • Skin-brightening serums
  • Exfoliating/resurfacing serums
  • Hydrating serums
  • Repairing/renewing serums

In most cases, these products are backed by clinically-proven results, such as a promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in six weeks. When the product is compromised in any way, those claims become harder to substantiate. Airless pumps keep the product protected, so manufacturers can confidently stand behind the scientific data they deliver.

Prevents Oxidation

Many serums contain volatile ingredients, especially Vitamin C. These ingredients oxidize quickly when exposed to sunlight. To help remedy this issue, you can buy opaque airless pump bottles that prevent light from interacting with the formula in any way.

In addition, the metal springs inside actuators of standard lotion pumps can also cause oxidation problems when the product interacts with the metal. When users notice a brown or orange residue around the pump, this is a sign that such oxidation has occurred.

Airless pumps don't require the use of such springs, eliminating this risk altogether. 

Minimizes Product Waste

Some of the best-performing and well-loved face serums also come with the highest price tags. That's why it can be disheartening to throw a bottle away knowing that there's some product still inside the bottle caps or deep in the bottom, but you can't get it out.

Airless pumps act as a safeguard against this issue. As users pump the bottle, the piston moves all the way to the top, delivering a consistent amount of product with zero to little waste. 

Our Selection of Airless Serum Pump Bottles

Looking to stock up in bulk on airless serum pump bottles? We've got you covered. Let's take a look at some of the options in our product selection. 

360-Degree Lotion Cream Serum Pump Bottle

Designed to dispense airlessly from any angle or position, our 360-Degree Lotion Cream Serum Pump Bottle. Designed in a classic and timeless shape, it fits in with other packaging solutions designed for all-purpose liquids.

The no-metal bottle prevents oxidation and is designed to support any color or design that fits your company branding. Some of the decorations you can choose from include:

  • Heat transfer labeling
  • Hot stamping
  • Anodizing
  • UV metalizing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spray finishing

In addition to serums, this bottle is also ideal for foundations, lotions, and other types of creams.

60-Degree Lotion Pump Bottle

Our 60-Degree Lotion Pump Bottle ranges in capacity from 15ml to 35ml, including 20ml and 30ml. Manufactured to be especially compatible with sensitive formulas, the slim bottle is attractive and includes a functional step base to prevent accidental knocking. 

Colors and decorative options for this bottle are also wide-reaching. 

Eye Serum Acrylic Airless Bottle

Designed in a creative needle design, these 10ml size bottles are user-friendly and easy to maneuver. Fully color and design-customizable, it's comprised of a few different materials, including PETG and PP plastic. 

Beauty brands that include eye serums in their inventory will appreciate the slim packaging and targeted application that this bottle provides.

Dual Chamber Plastic Airless Pump Bottles

Serums can be single, double or even triple solutions. This allows manufacturers to add more than one specialization. For instance, they can create a serum that fights wrinkles but also moisturizes, or one that controls acne while reducing discoloration.

To this end, brands can buy airless bottles with different chambers, allowing the individual substances to remain apart while in the bottle. A user can choose to press one actuator for one solution, and the other for the next. 

Take our Dual Chamber Plastic Airless Pump Bottles, for instance. These bottles include a two-piece actuator that delivers a 0.1cc dosage with every press. Each actuator has a capacity of 0.1ML.

Shop Our Airless Serum Pump Bottles Today

Serums are some of the most promising products to hit the skincare industry, and they'ere here to stay.

Whether you already sell serums in your store or are looking to branch out into this sector, our airless serum pump bottles are a great bulk investment. They allow you to showcase your product and stick to your claims with confidence, knowing that your expertly-crafted formulas are safe and protected inside. 

Shop our full line of pump dispensers, including our airless serum pump bottles, to learn more about all of the different models we provide. Or, shop all of our airless solutions here.

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