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The natural skincare industry is booming, and powerfully potent products are behind the growth.

Free of chemicals, preservatives, and other fillers, these botanical beauties are shaking up the industry and ushering an entirely new era of clean, green products. Some are meant to be used on their own, while others (such as essential oils) serve as ingredients in home remedies and self-care routines. 

Yet, this shift also creates a new impetus within the cosmetic and beauty packaging industry. Today's products can't be poured into just any bottle. They require a 1 oz airless pump to keep oxygen and metal away while preserving the efficacy of what lies within.

Due to their high concentrations, many of the products in this space are packaged in such small amounts to keep the product as fresh as possible. Read on to explore how our 1 oz bottles pack a major punch in a tiny solution!

Why Use Airless Pumps for Natural Home Remedies?

Does your beauty brand manufacturer and sell all-natural products? These could be facial products, such as serums and lotions, designed to be used as all-in-one treatments.

Or, they could be individual ingredients, such essential oils, aloe vera gels or vitamin oils, meant to inspire at-home remedies for DIY skincare solutions and home remedies. Either way, quality is key. 

When you pour and store such highly concentrated ingredients into a traditional cosmetic bottle, the risk of oxidation is high. That's because every time a user presses the pump, the air is allowed to flow back into the bottle. Once inside, it can mix with the product and degrade it. 

This is where airless pump bottles come in. While we sell a wide range of these bottles in myriad different capacities, today we're focusing on our mighty warriors: The 1 oz bottles.

Specially created to hold small quantities of high-performing ingredients, these bottles are quickly becoming mainstays on the counters of future-focused beauty gurus. Let's take a look at how they work and why you need them in your shop.

How Do Airless Pump Bottles Work?

The premise behind airless pump bottles is relatively simple.

When a user presses down on the pump itself, that motion initiates a non-pressurized vacuum within the bottle. As the actuator in the pump pulls the product up, it's simultaneously pushed upward by a small plastic plate (called a piston) that lies at the bottom of the bottle. As soon as the product dispenses, air fills back in underneath that plate through a tiny hole located on the bottom of the bottle.

Thus, the product that remains inside of the bottle never comes into contact with the outside air. 

Benefits of Airless Pump Bottles

Now that we've taken a look at the mechanics behind an airless pump bottle, why should you take the leap and invest in 1 oz versions for your clean beauty business? Let's take a look at a few of the benefits you can expect.

Less Oxidation, Longer Shelf Life

The efficiency of this design hinges on one word: oxidation. 

Oxidation occurs when an element is exposed to oxygen and as a result, begins to change. You might first notice the change in its appearance, with the product becoming orange or tan, especially around the outside of the pump. In addition to that aesthetic change, the product itself also loses quality and efficacy, meaning you won't see the results it was intended to provide.

In many cases, slathering on an already-oxidized product can aggravate your skin and exacerbate any pre-existing conditions you were trying to treat. That's why it's important to deliver a product that your buyers can trust to stay shelf-stable and effective for its lifetime. 

Not only do airless pump bottles keep air from entering in, but they're also made without metal components, such as the metal springs located within traditional lotion pumps. Contact with metal can also initiate and speed up the oxidation process, so this is another way to keep your products as pure as possible.

No Preservatives Required

One of the calling cards of the green, home remedy beauty market is a reduced dependency on preservatives. While most commercial products are laden with these additives, meant to keep ingredients fresh, all-natural solutions often contain only trace amounts. There are even many companies that avoid the use of preservatives altogether!

If you used a standard pump bottle that allows air to mix with the product, this would be a recipe for disaster. Without preservatives mixed in, the risk of product degradation is extra-high and nearly impossible to avoid. However, airless pump bottles eliminate this risk.

This means you're free to create and sell preservative-free products, confident that they'll hold up over time without losing value.

Luxurious Packaging

Your product is dynamic, but does your packaging show it?

Airless pump bottles are sleek and sophisticated alternatives to older-model cosmetic packaging. Many feature a thick, double wall designed to make the bottle as sturdy and durable as possible. They can also be decorated and designed in any way you desire, including the following methods:

  • Hot stamping
  • Heat transfer labeling
  • Anodizing
  • UV metalizing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spray finishing

In addition to these exterior touches, we can also design bottles in any Pantone color under the rainbow. In other words, you're free to create custom solutions that mimic the look and feel of your brand.

No More Wasted Product

Your buyers don't want to spend their money on a 1 oz bottle of pure product, only to wind up tossing the last few drops because they couldn't get them out of the bottle. Yet, this is the case with many inferior packaging solutions.

In a dire attempt to squeeze out the remaining solution, many people simply remove the top of the bottle altogether and scrape it out, immediately exposing it to air and jumpstarting the oxidation process. Conversely, airless pump bottles take care of this problem by delivering an exact dose, every time, until the product is completely consumed.

The piston rises every time the pump is pressed, going higher as the product is consumed. That means no more scraping, squeezing and sweating trying to get your money's worth. In addition, most of these bottles are also recyclable and refillable, allowing them to take on new life once your product is all used up!

Discover Our 1 oz Airless Pump Solutions

We offer a wide range of airless pump bottle solutions, which you can check out here.

In addition to 1 oz bottles, we also carry:

  • Airless pump jars
  • Needle design acrylic airless pumps
  • Gold luxury airless pump bottles
  • Plastic lotion airless pump bottles
  • Dual-chamber airless pump bottles
  • Toothpaste airless bottles (thick formulas)
  • Airless pump twist bottles

This list is far from exhaustive, so head to our airless page to check out the full selection! Now, let's take a closer look at the airless bottles and jars we provide, designed to hold one ounce, or around 30 ml, of your power-packed solution.

Round Airless Jar

Luxurious, slick and beautiful to look at, our Round Airless Jar is a must-have on any high-end beauty counter. Fully customizable with any color and decoration, it holds 30 ml of product. Users simply press on the inside lid to dispense product through the actuator.

Need a little more room? Another similar model, shown here, features a rounded top and slightly curved bottom. In addition to holding 30 ml, it's also available in larger capacities, including:

  • 50ml
  • 80ml
  • 100ml
  • 120ml

Made of a combination of acrylic and PMMA, it features a thick wall and clear overcap for a clean, modern look.

Acrylic Airless Pump Jar

Featuring a similar design as our Round Airless Jar, our Acrylic Airless Pump Jar is a little straighter on the edges. It also features different main materials, including PMMA, PE, and PP plastic. 

Short All-White Airless Bottle

Looking for a bottle, rather than a jar? Check out our Short All-White Airless Bottle, which is available in both 30ml and 50ml capacities. 

The clean, basic bottle is the perfect starting point for your custom color and unique branding design!

The Maze Airless Collection

When you want to integrate a 30ml solution into a wider family of products, an airless bottle collection is ideal. Our Maze Airless Collection is a great place to start, allowing you to choose between 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottle sizes.

Featuring a twist-lock and customizable exterior, this is a great way to create a packaged, three-step solution for your customers to enjoy. Other similar collections available in various sizes (including 30ml) include:

  • The Platinum Airless Collection
  • The Fresh Airless Collection
  • The Love Airless Collection
  • The Elegant Collection

Invest in Airless Pump Bottles and Jars Today

If you're in the cosmetic, skincare, or medical industry, it's imperative that your products maintain their effectiveness and purity. This is especially the case when you're marketing high-end, all-natural products used as ingredients in home remedies and self-care regimens.

When you invest in 1 oz airless pump bottles and jars, you can rest assured that you're taking the right steps. These packaging solutions keep the good stuff in and everything else out, so your products continue to perform as promised. Take the time to discover our extensive catalog of airless solutions and contact us today with any questions!