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Anyone who's ever dealt with an ineffective lotion pump knows that it can be a frustrating challenge. While premium pumps are designed to resist clogging and facilitate easy product distribution, poorly made designs can work in quite the opposite manner. 

This issue has given rise to a new innovation in the cosmetics packaging industry: the airless pump.

Designed to help maintain product integrity while facilitating ease of use, these vacuum dispensing systems are changing the game for the better. Read on to learn how our 100ml airless pump bottle works, and what makes it a catalog standout.

How Does an Airless Pump Bottle Work?

To understand how our airless pump bottles operate, it helps to take a look at how its predecessor, the cosmetic lotion pump, works. Let's take a look at a quick comparison. 

Lotion Pump Basics

When a user presses down on a standard lotion pump, the product dispenses upward through a dip tube. Following dispersal, the space remaining inside the container is replaced by air that travels back inside through the top.

As the product level inside of the container slowly declines, the contained air subsequently increases. Over time, exposure to this air can potentially degrade and oxidize the product, causing it to lose both potency and efficacy.

Another difference between lotion pumps is that their thread form tends to be more general. This allows them to be used and shared between a variety of different containers. Conversely, airless pumps are normally sold with a dedicated base or bottle.


Airless Pump Basics 

Now, let's explore how an airless pump bottle works.

As mentioned, this type of pump normally includes a matching bottle, and the two are designed to be used strictly together. The pump itself includes a piston in its base. 

The piston is a small disc made of plastic. When a user presses downward on the airless pump actuator, it pushes the product toward the dispensing nozzle, located at the top. When the product inside the plastic container is dispensed, air doesn't fill back in, as it would with a traditional lotion pump.

Instead, the dispensing motion creates a small vacuum within the pump's chamber. In response, the plastic piston moves upward to regulate the change in pressure. For that reason, you'll notice that there is a small airhole in the base of the bottle. This airhole allows air to fill the space beneath the plate, pushing it up.

The inclusion of this piston means that the product inside the bottle remains unexposed to air until a user dispenses it. This helps extend the shelf life of the product and ensures that its quality remains the same with every use. It also allows cosmetics manufacturers to skip a dip tube altogether.

Advantages of Airless Pumps

We've already shared how keeping air out of your bottle helps the product inside last longer and work better. Why else should you invest in these bottles and buy them in bulk for your company?

Let's take a look at a few of the other advantages of switching to an airless pump.

Less Use of Preservatives

Chemical preservatives are widely used within the cosmetics industry to prevent product degradation due to both environmental microorganisms (antimicrobials) and exposure to oxygen (antioxidants). With an airless pump, the product inside remains as pure and untouched as possible. 

In many cases, this means that manufacturers can greatly reduce the number of preservatives they use in their products, or even eliminate them altogether. 

Quick, Flexible Use

Most pumps require that the bottle sit upright to dispense the product. Especially if it is more than halfway depleted, they also require that all the contents settle to the bottom before they can be pumped upward and out. 

This might not be an issue if your bottle always sits right-side-up on your bathroom counter. Yet, what happens when you require instant access to the substance inside, but you've been traveling, and stashing your containers in plastic bags on the plane? Or, what if you use your bottle on an hourly basis (such as a makeup artist)? 

In this case, an airless pump works best. You can use it at an angle, upside down or in any other position and still achieve the same effect. You also don't have to wait for the contents to settle before use. 

Longer Shelf Life

In short, eliminating the product's exposure to air immediately increases its shelf life and makes it more shelf-stable. This is an excellent selling point and can help amplify the ROI your users receive from your products. 

Protection for Sensitive Products

Some products are more sensitive to oxygen exposure than others. These include natural skincare items, including:

  • Creams
  • Serums 
  • Foundations

Because these all-natural products are designed to be preservative-free, their formulas must be extra-protected, and an airless pump dispenser is a must-have solution.

Minimal Waste

Forget removing the lotion pump altogether to scrape out the last little bit of product left. Not only does this introduce a ton of oxygen into the bottle, but it's always impossible to get every little last drop.

An airless pump is designed to allow users to access as much of the product as possible, without the need to unscrew and manually extract it. This significantly cuts down on waste. 

High-End Branding

Functional benefits aside, let's talk about aesthetics!

An airless pump is both sleek and high-end. Customizable to meet a range of brand colors and designs, it's suitable for almost every industry.

In addition, most models are designed with a double wall that provides a more substantial look and adds an extra layer of protection. You can even opt for the plastic walls to be clear, showcasing the tone of the product inside. This is ideal for foundations, where every shade variation matters. 

Exact Dosages

Thanks to the rising piston, an airless pump delivers the same amount of product, every time. That means no more surprise explosions when you press down too hard on the pump!


Our 100ml Airless Pump Bottle Selection

As you can see, we offer a wide inventory of 100ml airless pump bottles, designed to fit a variety of applications and use cases. Let's review a few of top designs. 

White Airless Bottle

Our round, White Airless Pump Bottle comes in three capacity sizes, including 50ml, 100ml, and 120ml. Made of durable PP plastic, it's readily customizable and available in every Pantone color available. 

Designed to suit myriad markets including beauty and personal care, the bottle itself lends itself well to a variety of decorative features, including:

  • Hot stamps
  • Heat transfer labels
  • UV metalizing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Anodizing
  • Spray finishes

We also offer a soft-touch White and Silver Airless Bottle, available in 50ml capacity and 0.5cc dosage. 

Versatile Airless Bottle

Available in 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, or 100ml capacities, our Versatile Airless Bottle includes all of the customization and decoration options listed above. They're also ideal for any market, including those inside and outside the cosmetics industry. 

Toothpaste Airless Bottle

Do you have an especially thick product that you need to package safely and effectively? Our Toothpaste Airless Bottle more than fits the bill.

Available in either 60ml or 100ml capacity, its comprised of PP plastic and can be designed in a round bottle, or in any shape desired. It's also suitable for any color, as well as a variety of printing methods, including:

  • Silk screening
  • Laser engraving
  • Carving

PP Twist-Up Airless Lock Bottle

Looking for an innovative design to hold your liquid products? Our PP Twist-Up Airless Lock Bottle features all of our aforementioned customization options and is available in 100ml or 150ml plastic capacities.

Featuring an innovative up-lock, this particular airless pump and bottle are well-suited for liquid product containment, including:

  • Toiletries
  • Kitchen products
  • Domestic products
  • Commercial products
  • Skincare products

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