Aerosol and fine mist sprayers: which is right for your product?
When it comes to e-commerce, making the right call when it comes to product packaging is vital for brands to stand out from competitors. But with such a plethora of options on offer, making the right choice is easier said than done.

And when choosing packaging for products that require sprayer technology, the question doesn’t get any easier to answer. Choosing between an aerosol or a fine mist sprayer isn’t a simple decision, as both have their distinct advantages. To help you out in your decision-making process, here are a couple of points to consider:

    •    Precision spraying: Aerosol sprayers are known for their precise application, and for a long time, they have been the go-to for various products, such as hair sprays. Their appeal lies in their ability to disperse a controlled amount of product evenly and consistently.

    •    Environmental impact: In recent years, the popularity of eco-conscious consumerism has risen considerably. Aerosols, although convenient, have a negative impact on the environment, as the chemicals used inside them are toxic to soil, air, and water. Therefore, fine mist sprayers have increased in popularity as a viable alternative, particularly among eco-conscious consumers. They dispense products in a more gentle manner, making them ideal for face mists or body sprays. They’re typically free from propellants and use a particular mechanism to create a mist. This means their environmental impact is significantly lower than that of aerosols. Here at APG, our Infinity Pump series is made from 100% recyclable packaging, taking the sustainability factor of fine mist sprayers the extra mile.

    •    The cost factor: Another major consideration to take into account is the price of your chosen sprayer. The construction of aerosols often requires more complex manufacturing processes, which drives up the cost of production. In contrast, fine mist sprayers tend to be more straightforward and, therefore, more economical to produce. For budget-conscious brands, this makes the latter a far more attractive option.

At APG, we understand that packaging is more than just a container. It has a direct impact on the way your customers interact with your products and how they perceive your brand. That’s why we are committed to constantly innovating so that we can develop game-changing packaging solutions that enable your products to stand out from competitors. Browse our full range of sprayers to discover a packaging solution that suits you, or get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.
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