4 benefits of airless technology
From lotions and foundations to face creams, a majority of cosmetic and skincare products are designed to be used in small amounts. Therefore, to deliver the best customer experience, it’s vital that brands choose the right packaging for their products.

When it comes to liquid products, airless pump technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. And for good reason. There are myriad benefits to airless pump technology. Keep reading to discover what they are:

    •    Prevents contamination: One of the main risks posed to the integrity of cosmetic products is outside contaminants, such as bacteria and dust. With airless technology, pollutants are prevented from reaching the product. The packaging prevents air from getting in, and also negates the need for the user to scoop the product out using their fingers, thus saving it from coming into contact with germs.

    •    Entire product made accessible: A common gripe that consumers have with traditional pump dispensers is that it’s difficult to use up the entirety of a product. As a result, some of the product always remains in the packaging, leading to unnecessary wastage. Thanks to the innovative airless pump technology, the entire product can be dispensed, and so consumers are getting the most out of what they’ve paid for.

Being able to access the entire product is, of course, also beneficial from a sustainability perspective. In a world where consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of products they use, it pays to invest in more eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as airless pumps.

    •    Convenience: Another benefit of airless pumps is that they’re incredibly convenient to use. No matter what angle they’re held at, it’s still possible to extract the product inside. This means it’s easy to dispense the required amount onto your finger, even when the bottle is upside-down.

    •    Longer shelf life: As airless technology doesn’t allow air to enter the packaging, it isn’t at risk of oxidization. As such, the product’s shelf life is significantly extended. It also means there’s less need for chemical preservatives, so product manufacturers can focus on using ingredients that deliver benefits to the skin.

Are you looking for an airless pump solution for your next skincare line? Here at APG, we’re leaders in innovating market-leading packaging solutions. If you’d like to discuss our airless packaging solutions, then please reach out to speak to a member of our team. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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