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Bamboo Eyeliner Black with Soft BrushBamboo Eyeliner Black with Soft Brush
Bamboo, Mascara Bottle ComponentBamboo, Mascara Bottle Component
Silver Mascara Bottle ComponentSilver Mascara Bottle Component
PBT, Highlighter Makeup Brush
Mascara Bottle ComponentMascara Bottle Component
Mascara ComponentMascara Component
Eyebrow Pencil
ABS/PETG/PP/LDPE, Mascara ComponentABS/PETG/PP/LDPE, Mascara Component
ABS/PET, Mascara ComponentABS/PET, Mascara Component
ABS/LDPE/PP, Macara ComponentABS/LDPE/PP, Macara Component
ABS, Mascara ComponentABS, Mascara Component
PP, Cosmetic Blusher ContainerPP, Cosmetic Blusher Container
PP, Blusher BottlePP, Blusher Bottle
PBT, Foundation Makeup Brush
PBT, Fan Makeup Brush
PBT, Blusher Makeup Brush
PBT, Powder Makeup Brush
PBT, Eyeshadow Makeup Brush
PBT, Lip Makeup Brush
PBT, Eye Blending Makeup Brush
PBT, Angled Liner Makeup Brush
ABS, Mascara Bottle ComponentABS, Mascara Bottle Component
PP, Cosmetic Brush Component
Ice RollerIce Roller
Mascara ComponentMascara Component
PP, Mascara ComponentPP, Mascara Component
PE/PP, Mascara TubePE/PP, Mascara Tube
ABS, Eyebrow PencilABS, Eyebrow Pencil
Powder Puff Component
PP, Mascara Dual ComponentPP, Mascara Dual Component
Mascara ComponentMascara Component
Foundation Dual ComponentFoundation Dual Component
Mascara ComponentMascara Component
Eyeliner ComponentEyeliner Component

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