The Evergrowing Popularity of Airless Pump Bottles in the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry
The ease of use, effectiveness, and longevity of skincare products primary depends on the packaging that contains it. In order to ensure these aspects of many cosmetic products, the industry is using airless pump bottles in ever-growing numbers. So what exactly is an airless pump bottle? Unlike standard dispensers that use straws or tubes for pumping out products, the airless pump bottle uses a vacuum mechanism. Airless pump bottles are comprised of 3 elements:

  • The base – the vacuum effect of the airless pump bottle is powered by a tiny hole in the base of the container that allows for the intake of air.
  • The plate – there is a disc or “plate” inside the bottle that the product sits on.
  • The pump – the pumping action creates a vacuum effect in order to extract the product inside.

Every time you pump the bottle, the plate holding the product moves upwards and releases it out of the nozzle at the top.

Why should You consider using an airless pump bottle?

That’s a good question and it just so happens we have 6 reasons why using an airless pump bottle makes good sense:

  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly – airless pump bottles can be refilled and reused thereby minimizing packaging waste and consumer costs.
  • Maintains product effectiveness and freshness – the growth of bacteria is minimalized due to the absence of straws and tubes. Therefore, the effectiveness and integrity of the product is maintained.
  • No preservatives – due to the maintenance of product’s effectiveness and freshness along with the lack of air contamination, no preservatives are needed when storing skincare products in airless pump bottles. This helps with organic and eco-friendly cosmetic products.
  • Pumps out product at any angle – with an airless pump bottle, you don’t need to keep it upright when pumping product out. This means you won’t have to wait for the product to settle back onto the internal plate if it hasn’t been stored upright while traveling. You can pump out the product any time and at any angle.
  • Reduced air contamination – the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in skincare products start breaking down and deteriorating when they are exposed to air. The auto air-lock nozzle on airless pump bottles prevents this from happening and reduces the contamination of the product.
  • Zero waste – there’s consistency with every pump and because of the vacuum system, no product is wasted when using an airless pump bottle.

If this information is of interest to your business requirement, our business representatives would be happy to assist you. For more information on airless pump bottles and the benefits of using them, contact APG at your earliest convenience.

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