The Advantages of using Airless Pump Bottles

Airless pump bottles are becoming increasingly more popular in the cosmetics industry because of the advantages they provide and consumers are growing increasingly more aware of their benefits every day. Their growing popularity is attributed to the added product life they provide. This is due in part to the absence of dip tubes which have been replacement with airless, non-pressurized chambers. It is also due in part to the consumer’s demand for more products with no or limited number of preservatives in them. Consequently, they are ideal for natural and organic creams and serums.

Airless Pump Bottle Mechanics

Basically, airless pump bottles are non-pressurized, vacuum systems that are now used to some extent in the cosmetics industry. By pushing down on the pump, it forces the disc inside the bottle to rise which in turn dispenses the product out from the open tip of the pump. When the bottle is filled, it maintains the integrity of the product while at the same time preserving it until it has been used completely. Airless packaging technology increases the product’s shelf life as well. Thus, these are perfect for lotions and natural creams with no or little preservatives and chemicals.

Conversely, conventional pump bottles waste product because once it gets below a certain point in the container, the pump tube can no longer pull the remaining product up to the pump to dispense it. When this happens, you only have two choices. Either you can remove the pump from the bottle and try to scoop out the remaining product with a spatula like tool or you can throw the bottle and what’s left of the product away. While with airless pump bottles, this is never an issue.

Important Advantages

By repeating this when more product is needed, the integrity of the product is degraded and it loses its effectiveness. With airless pump bottles, the product inside the container gets dispensed completely and remains stable throughout its use. Therefore, there’s no repeated opening of the bottle and no degrading of the product. Most importantly, there is little, if any waste. Additional advantages of airless pump bottles include:

  • ability to dispense the product at any angle
  • ideal for sensitive products such as natural skin creams, foundations, and serums
  • no chemical preservatives
  • product will have a longer shelf life
  • same exact amount dispensed with each pump
  • using significantly less product

In addition to these advantages, you can transfer your favorite products such as your foundations or moisturizers into the airless pump bottle for easier dispensing when needed. For more information regarding the different airless pump bottles we offer, please e-mail us at or telephone (626) 385-5858.

Airless pump bottles