Packaging for active ingredients: ensuring product efficacy

AHAs, Vitamin C, retinol…there are myriad types of active ingredients in skincare products. Depending on whether your product aims to hydrate, clarify, or exfoliate, the active ingredients can differ drastically. 

Active ingredients are the superheroes of skincare products. However, so that they can deliver their promised benefits, their efficacy needs to be protected. One of the main ways to ensure this is by choosing the right packaging. 

But how can you ensure your packaging is suitable for ensuring product efficacy? Let's take a closer look.

  • Protection from light and air: A lot of the active ingredients that we find in our favorite skincare products are sensitive to light and air. Exposure to UV rays and oxygen can cause the formula to degrade, which means the product is rendered ineffective.

To avoid degradation occurring, opt for packaging that provides an effective barrier between the light, air, and the product inside. For instance, dark-colored or opaque containers can shield products from harmful UV rays. Airless pumps can also help to minimize exposure to oxygen. This helps to preserve the potency of active ingredients and ensure skincare products can continue to work their magic.

  • Maintaining stability: In addition to being sensitive to light and air, active ingredients can be finicky. For example, they may require a specific temperature to remain stable. This is why you'll often see text on your product packaging warning against storing a product in direct sunlight or above a certain temperature. Your choice of packaging can impact a product's ability to maintain favorable conditions.
  • Dosing accuracy:To make sure that a product that contains active ingredients has the intended effect on a user's skin, they will need to consistently use the right amount. Choosing the right packaging plays a key role in ensuring that customers can dispense the correct amount of product. Packaging solutions such as airless bottles or droppers help users to apply the product accurately. 
  • Preventing contamination: When a product comes into contact with external contaminants, it can lead to all sorts of skin issues or infections, which are counterproductive to the desired results. Therefore, packaging for products with active ingredients should be contained in airtight packaging solutions featuring tamper-evident seals and hygienic dispensing mechanisms. As a result, the product will remain pure and free from contaminants.



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