How to design effective makeup brushes and beauty applicators
Excellent makeup application requires the right tools, which is why makeup savvy consumers are always on the hunt for quality brushes and beauty applicators.

Different brushes serve different purposes, and each brush needs to be specifically tailored to suit its use. For example, a brush with compact bristles will be well suited to buffing in foundation but unsuitable for applying bronzer. Similarly, a mascara brush will be completely different from an eyeliner brush.

Designing effective makeup brushes and beauty applicators that are attractive to consumers requires paying attention to the details that make up a brush. Keep reading for the selection of things to look out for.

Pay attention to the ferrule material

The ferrule is the part of the brush that holds the brushes to the handle, and it’s usually made of metal, such as aluminum or brass. The ferrule should be high-quality and firmly attached to prevent the bristles from shedding.

Choose quality bristles
For makeup brush bristles, either animal hair or synthetic hair can be used. Nowadays, high-quality synthetic brushes are commonplace, meaning the use of animal hair is no longer necessary. Taklon, nylon, and Natrafil are three of the main types of materials used for synthetic bristles.

Taklon is made from thermoplastic polyester, sometimes referred to as PBT, and it was developed to mimic natural sable. It’s flexible, smooth, and very versatile, meaning it can be used to make all different types of makeup brushes.

Nylon also has smooth fibers, but it’s slightly firmer. This makes it an ideal material for mascara brushes or lipstick brushes.

Natrafil was designed to behave in a similar way to animal hair so that it could be used to apply powder. It has a textured surface, which the powder can grip to, allowing for an even distribution of the product on the skin.

Fiber density matters
When designing makeup brushes, it’s important to get the density right, as different brushes have different bristle densities according to their use. For example, eyeshadow brushes will be denser than those used to apply bronzer. This means there will be more bristles held in place by the ferrule.

Consider the handle shape and material
For good makeup application, the handle of the brush matters. It should be ergonomic so that it’s easy to hold. Plastic or acrylic handles require molding, which is more costly, but the shape can be designed and made to be suitable for handling.

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