How do you refill an airless pump bottle?

The ability to refill an airless pump bottle depends on the structure and manufacture of the bottle. Some older style bottles featuring airless technology will not be refillable, and must be disposed of. This means that it’s important for end users to understand how to properly recycle their packaging. However, at APG Packaging, we are committed to creating refillable containers that end users can utilize over and over for sustainability.

Our range of refillable airless pump bottles not only allows brands to take advantage of the many benefits of airless technology, such as preventing oxidation and deterioration of sensitive formulas, but also to provide their customers with high quality packaging that can be refilled, reused, and recycled. But how can airless pump bottles be refilled?


It’s simple…

  1. The first step is to ensure that the bottle is emptied, cleaned and sterilized before reusing. Read more about how to clean an airless pump bottle in our blog post (LINK). During cleaning, a clean finger or sanitized tool can be used to push the plastic disc down towards the base of the bottle. This disc will have risen to the top during usage.
  1. Once cleaned, the new product can be emptied into the bottle. Users should be advised to fill slowly to avoid the creation of bubbles that can trap air inside the bottle. This can prevent the airless pump bottle from isolating the product as it should. Ideally, the bottle should be well-filled. If a gap remains, it is important for the user to depress the pump enough times to bring the product all the way up to the dispensing nozzle. This ensures that there are no cavities that can fill with air and spoil the formula.
  1. Once filled, users should tighten the lid well to ensure a good seal. This is imperative for sensitive formulations which can be exposed to oxygen if the seal is not tight or secure.