How do you clean an airless pump bottle?

Our range of airless pump bottles has been designed to ensure a hygienic method of product delivery. Therefore, it is essential that end users are aware of how to properly clean these bottles if they are planning to refill the containers with a different product.


To properly clean an airless pump bottle ready for reuse, the first step should be to push the plastic disc back down towards the base of the bottle. For larger bottles, this can be done with a clean finger, although a small tool might be necessary for narrower bottles. Once depressed all the way, users can begin cleaning their airless pump bottle.

The easiest way to clean an airless pump bottle is simply through the use of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. A small amount of soap and water can be added to the bottle, and gently shaken by the user to remove residue from the inside of the container. When bottles have contained thicker body creams and gels, it may be necessary to use a bottle brush to remove product from the inside walls of the bottle.

Soap and water should not be emptied from the open container. Instead, users should reattach the lid and dispenser, and pump the solution through the nozzle. This ensures that the dispensing nozzle is clean, and has been cleared of any product that might be caught within the mechanism. The process should be repeated until completely clean.

Once clean, the airless pump bottle should be sterilized before being refilled. This can be achieved through steam sterilization, or through immersing the bottle, and all its components, in a sterilizer solution similar to those used for cleaning infant bottles.

Users should avoid inserting cloths or towels into the wet bottles as this could introduce bacteria. Instead, airless pump bottles should be allowed to air dry before reusing.