Four tips for choosing travel-friendly packaging solutions
At home, there is no limit to the amount of beauty and skin care products we may have at hand - not until whoever shares the bathroom with us protests, at least! - but while traveling, it is an entirely different matter. We need to fit everything in luggage, mind the weight, and of course remember the limit to any liquids on our carry on when it comes to airlines.

The obvious advice is to prioritize what you absolutely cannot do without, but beyond that, travel-friendly packaging is the traveler’s best friend. As a cosmetics company, you need to keep all of this in mind when selecting packaging for your travel and mini-sized products.

    •    Consider the size and weight
Lightweight, compact packaging is the best sort for a trip: it takes less space, doesn’t weigh luggage down, and is more easily stashed in a carry-on bag. In the case of liquids, do not forget the 100ml limit per bottle: no one wants to have to leave expensive perfume or skin care products at the airport’s security desk! These restrains should all inform the size and weight of packaging so that the consumer can easily bring their favorite products with them on their next trip.

    •    Solid and dry products
Solid or dry products, such as powder or solid shampoo bars, are great for travel. They should come in compact packaging, be lightweight, and be protected for transit. As they are often meant to be less wasteful than their bottled counterparts, odds are that you’ll want to prioritize sustainable materials too.

    •    Leak-proof packaging
Leak-proof packaging, for example with a tight seal or a locking mechanism, is the best packaging option for products you’re going to market to travelers. These mini versions will end up being transported in luggage and carry on bags so shouldn’t be at risk of leaking on other possessions during transit.  

    •    Tough packaging
If travelers are unable to fit their beauty products in their carry-on bags, they may have to travel in the hold - and that can in itself be reason for concern. We have all seen the videos showing luggage thrown on and off the plane and, generally, being treated pretty roughly! To withstand potentially rough treatment, you will need to consider how your packaging designs can be made more robust. Glass or other fragile materials should be avoided for travel size products.

If you’re searching for packaging solutions for your travel sized products, we can help. Get in touch to find out more about our extensive packaging catalog.

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