Eco Friendly Cosmetic Containers Wholesale Supply

Are you searching for eco-friendly cosmetic containers with wholesale pricing? If your company manufactures organic makeup products, then it only makes sense to find packaging that reflects the business's values. After all, clean beauty is all about creating products that are environmentally friendly and healthier for humans.

Ultimately, the packaging is as important as what's inside. It's the first impression that your clients get from your company's product. The way it looks and even feels when they pick it up makes all the difference.

Let's explore the details of eco-friendly packaging to help you determine which packaging options will work best for your clean beauty cosmetics company.


What Is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The concept of eco-friendly, AKA packaging that is that is earth-friendly, began with the idea that we could implement practices that account for how we use our natural resources. Consequently, there are lots of products that contribute to green living today. However, some are better than others because of the materials used to make them.

Innovative packaging materials can be anything from beautiful reusable bamboo containers to refillable ceramic airless cosmetic bottles and even durable specialty plastics bottles and jars. The idea is that everything we use doesn't need to be a cheap throwaway (1). On the other hand, if we are going to throw any packaging away, it should either be biodegradable or recyclable.

There's a shift in thinking when it comes to packaging, and your clean beauty business can be at the forefront by using eco-friendly cosmetic containers.


No Toxic Ingredients

There are several indicators to determine if it's eco-friendly packaging design. First, the packaging options must be safe for the environment as well as humans. It also should not deplete resources. And toxic ingredients such as pesticides are out.

Finally, manufacturers should produce eco-friendly cosmetic packaging from recycled materials and reusable substances such as glass, wood, and metal. Ultimately all these things make for more beautiful cosmetic packaging as well.


Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers

Since you're searching for a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, it's time to take a look at A Packaging Group (APG). We're an eco-friendly company that specializes in sustainable packaging and packaging solutions. We offer wholesale cosmetic jars and other eco-friendly cosmetic containers in a variety of styles, sizes, and applications.

APG cares about the success of our clients' business.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 950 workers across the US and Asia, we understand the concepts of sustainability and the importance of biodegradable and recycled materials in the cosmetic industry. Sustainability is the number one goal. To that end, working with APG means that you have industry experts backing your packaging with patented, fully recyclable plastic solutions and more.

You'll also have trendsetting designs to choose from, with innovative and unique options geared toward your market.


Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Containers Wholesale

APG stocks over 2,000 eco-friendly cosmetic containers. How does this help you? Working with stock containers will drastically cut lead times.

Not only that but starting with stock structures will offer benchmarks if you choose to go with a custom project. From green cosmetic packaging to biodegradable cosmetic packaging, you have plenty of options right off the rack.

Think about packaging such as:

  • Glass cream jar which are used for products that need to be clean.
  • Airless packaging tube for spray bottles or other forms of cosmetic spray ons.
  • Paper wrapped deodorant sticks that are eco friendly and biodegradable. Including the kinds of ingredients that are good for the blood stream.
  • Bottle solutions for any type of liquid beauty products
  • Dropper solutions mostly for smaller portions, like 1 ounce jars.
  • Collapsible tubes that can be used for push-out products like eye creams.

Of course, these are only a few of the hundreds of ideas for eco-friendly cosmetic containers on wholesale. Let's explore them a little further.


Sustainable Packaging

When you consider sustainable packaging, keep these things in mind—Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers should offer products that are safe to use and cost-effective. They should also utilize renewable and recycled sources. Not only that, but the manufacturer needs to implement clean production practices.

APG has a variety of sustainable packaging options. For example, bamboo is highly-recognized today in green cosmetic packaging. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's also an ideal solution for cosmetics.


What Kind of Materials Are Available From Packaging Manufacturers?

For one, bamboo is cost-effective and beautiful. In fact, bamboo cosmetic containers are a perfect example of the concept of eco-friendly. The natural look taps into your customer's emotions toward what they're purchasing.

You can imagine why bamboo is a choice you should make for at least some of your clean cosmetic line.

It's durable, long-lasting, and reusable. What's more, it won't swell or shrink, and it's easy to clean.

For example, our multi-use bamboo jar has a bamboo cover, with plastic lids and inner liners. It's durable and won't leak. The round shape, smooth surface, fine craft provide excellent quality for your buyers.

Plus, these bamboo jars are perfect for clean beauty cosmetics, including skin care cream and lip balms.

Another option using bamboo is our travel-sized pump-bottle, perfect for refilling with serums, lotions, and creams. It provides a selective solution for upscale clean cosmetics companies. Of course, these are only two of the array of options in bamboo that we offer.

Make sure to explore the APG website for many more alternatives in packaging technology.


Stand out From the Competition

Clean beauty is a competitive industry, and your beauty package design can make or break your success. To that end, we also offer elegant glass, metal, and durable recycled plastic bottles and jars for outstanding green cosmetic packaging in eco-friendly cosmetic containers.

The bottom line is that your packaging must be eye-catching and also innovative to appeal to your clients. At APG, we can help you maintain this delicate balance with solutions that are efficient and effective. We keep up with all the newest trends in clean beauty and eco-friendly product packaging.

We know that consumers make purchases because of healthful ingredients that are also sustainably packaged. What this means for your company is that it's essential to provide ingredient transparency and focus on packaging materials that reflect those values.


Droppers and Airless Innovations

It's time to think outside of the box when it comes to sustainable packaging. Truthfully, high-end beauty products shouldn't use any kind of throw away materials as a matter of course. Instead, think about ways to implement reusable packagings such as droppers for serums and airless innovations to make your company stand out from the competition.

Here's the thing—Conventional bottle pumps are notorious for issues with getting the product up from the bottom of the bottle. There's always that last bit leftover that leaves the consumer trying to get it out with no success. Not only is this frustrating, but there is also exposure to bacteria and oxidation to consider.

Airless bottles change all that with eco-friendly packaging that utilizes a plastic piston apparatus inside a diaphragm. The technology uses pressure to dispense the contents uniformly.

Even better? Airless bottles are perfect for clean cosmetic formulas that have a high viscosity, and there is very little waste.


Cosmetic Packaging and Fully Recyclable Resins

APG offers patented solutions for fully recyclable resins, as well. What this means for you is the ability to provide 100 percent PCR plastic packaging for your cosmetic tubes and other plastic packaging containers. While biodegradable cosmetic packaging sounds like the best idea, there are still some concerns with health safety when it comes to biodegradable options (2).

However, innovations in the industry, such as paper deodorant tubes that are fully biodegradable, are an essential addition to any clean cosmetics line.

On the other hand, green cosmetic packaging, using eco-friendly cosmetic packaging suppliers, offers a plethora of opportunities. And the industry continues to advance. Fully recyclable resins are an excellent option for both health safety and the environment.

These sustainable packaging solutions work for innovative packaging in a wide variety of cosmetic tubes that can vary by size and shape, as well as the tube's head style, and cap options. For example, you can try beauty packaging that utilizes a wide variety of fill capacities from collapsible tubes with airless pumps to airless packaging tubes and even palette options for eye and lip makeup.


Custom Packaging

Now, it's great to have all of these product packagings and packing material options available straight off the shelf. However, you may have reached the point in your business where branding is of utmost importance. As packaging manufacturers, APG also has the design capability to offer your company custom innovative packaging solutions.

What this means for you is that your logo and branding can enhance the beauty of your eco-friendly cosmetic containers. Some examples of our bespoke brand-defining solutions are:

  • Embossing for logos and other graphics you want to include in the packaging.
  • Debossing used for quickly branding with your own look and feel for the customer experience.
  • Heat Stamp is a good option for the plastic or wood bottle lids.
  • Hot Transfer if you want to include your brand's color palette in the overall graphic design.

Additionally, your business can offer ocean plastic, Amazon certified, and UV metallise materials and more, for a unique brand style. Imagine your logo or another defining image on all of your clean beauty products. Your customers will come to know your brand as a company that not only offers clean beauty products but also backs it up with sustainable packaging practices.


Clean Beauty With Innovative Packaging

You can achieve your goal of encasing your clean beauty products inside eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. It takes some planning and collaboration with a company that offers innovative packaging solutions. Isn't it time to fully commit to your company's values of sustainability and green practices?

At APG, we are passionate about engineering and designing the right packaging solutions for your products to give you an edge in the competitive cosmetics marketplace. Contact us at (626) 385-5858 or email us at and we would be glad to discuss solutions for your products.

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