Eco Friendly Bottles Wholesale

Eco-Friendly Bottles Wholesale- What They Can Do For Your Business 

Eco-friendly bottles and other packaging solutions are terms that we are seeing a lot in today’s world. These products now play an important role in the world. As the world develops, more-and-more natural resources are being used. Since natural resources on the planet are limited, we are really facing an epidemic.

Opting for a regular plastic container with a plastic cap on beauty products adds a larger carbon footprint for a cosmetic brand. These products are not biodegradable. They are also not considered eco-friendly packaging solutions. This leads to further damage dealt with the planet and its natural resources.

By switching towards eco-friendly packaging with wholesale solutions, a brand is able to gain several benefits – including the ability to promote their sustainable packaging as a “green” movement.


What Are Eco-Friendly Bottles?

Eco-friendly bottles simply refer to bottles that have been produced with materials that are considered more environmentally friendly. There is more to the term, however. Due to the carbon footprint that some brands have on the planet, associations have changed how people need to look at environmentally friendly brands. The packaging solutions themselves are not the only factors that count. The process used in the production of eco-friendly bottles also needs to be accounted for. Together, these factors can help a brand move towards a greener approach – helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and ensuring its customers that the brand cares about its environment.

There are several modern-day materials that are used in order to help provide more sustainable solutions to the packaging industry. Many companies are switching from petroleum-based packaging toward cornstarch packaging, for example. There are even some companies that are taking advantage of mushrooms (1) to produce cheaper, yet also environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

For bottles, eco-friendly plastic is becoming an increasingly popular material. The special process used in the production of these plastic bottles makes them reusable. They can also be recycled. In fact, there are several brands that are now using recycled plastic to produce their own eco-friendly packaging solutions.

When looking at beauty packaging, we also see a movement toward certain organic materials. A rather popular option today includes glass containers that use special glass that is considered recyclable. Many bottles and jars require a sturdy material, which is why such material is considered. There are also companies providing green packages that use organic material like bamboo, which is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material that can make quite a sturdy bottle.


What Are The Benefits Of Custom Packaging Bottles That Uses Eco-Friendly Materials? 

Companies with product lines that feature environmentally friendly products and packaging solutions have many benefits to enjoy in the process. Some of the benefits that companies can look for include:

  • When going "green," a company immediately gains a new promotional angle to market its products to specific audiences. In fact, many people are specifically looking for companies that practice environmentally-friendly habits, including packaging solutions like bottles. This also means the company gains an additional advantage – an entirely new audience that they can market their products too.

  • The carbon footprint of the company is sure to be reduced. Whether selling lip balms, body lotions, or even a beverage – an eco-friendly packaging solution helps the company’s executives know that they are doing their part to reduce damage to natural resources.

  • There are many products that can be placed in eco-friendly bottles. These can be glass bottles or plastic bottles, as well as newer options that are made from bamboo and related organic materials. Pet bottles can be made in an environmentally-friendly way, as well as bottles for water, beverages, skin care lotions, face wash products, and more. 
  • When switching to a green solution, a custom mold can usually be made for the packaging products that the brand needs. This means that even when moving to recyclable materials, current designs for bottles can still be maintained.


What Options Are Available?

There is quite a range of different options available when looking to use recyclable and eco-friendly bottles for any type of product. APG Packaging understands that each customer has their own needs when it comes to packaging products into an eco-friendly bottle.

An excellent example would be the Bamboo Frost Glass Skincare Set. Available in three different sized bottles, this set comes in any specific Pantone color variety that the client may require. As an eco-friendly bottle wholesale solution, the package is particularly effective for purposes like skincare creams and serums. The main material used in these bottles includes bamboo, along with a frosted glass side panel. These are easy to hot stamp and can be used with a heat transfer label. The entire process used in the production is eco-friendly, along with the use of recyclable materials.

Even more unique shapes are available when switching to an eco-friendly bottle solution. The Bamboo Pump Bottle from APG Packaging would be an excellent example. The product features a modern design and makes it really hard to tell that only recyclable materials are used in the production of the bottle.

When the glass is not a preferred material, products like the Bamboo Bottle with Treatment Pump offers a solution that uses recyclable bamboo material to provide a sturdy bottle that is ideal for serums and lotions that are used in small concentrations at once.

These are only three examples – each with its own unique design. The examples serve as evidence that there really is an endless range of options available that brands can utilize when they decide to adopt a sustainable packaging solution for their own products. Some companies are even moving toward options like stainless steel water bottles.



Plastic sports bottles, beauty packaging items, and other products made from chemical-based materials are damaging the limited natural resources available on our planet. Many companies are unaware of the carbon footprint they have on the planet. Switching to a reusable water bottle, eco-friendly cosmetic packages, and product lines that feature sustainable packaging are the solution. This reduces the brand’s carbon footprint and even offers them an additional angle to produce marketing material.


At APG, we are passionate about engineering and designing the right packaging solutions for your products to give you an edge in the competitive cosmetics marketplace. Contact us at (626) 385-5858 or email us at and we would be glad to discuss solutions for your products.

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