New opportunities in the beauty packaging industry you should know about
With new brands seemingly popping up in the beauty and skincare industry daily, existing companies must find ways to stay relevant and on-trend.

One of the ways in which they can achieve this is by revisiting their packaging and identifying ways that it can be modernized so that it’s in line with competitors’ offerings.

To help you discover ways in which you can improve your brand image with packaging, we’ve highlighted the current trends in the beauty packaging industry:

Sustainable materials
Many brands are turning away from housing their products in plastic packaging and instead opting for more sustainable materials, such as bamboo or aluminum.

Given that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the green credentials of the brands they shop with, making a move over to sustainable packaging is worth considering if you want your company to stay ahead of the curve.

Refillable containers
Another consequence of increased awareness around sustainability is consumers opting for refillable products. From refillable glass jars to refillable shampoo bottles, these products are saving many single-use plastic bottles from landfill. 

Minimalist packaging
Beauty brands like Fenty, Byredo, and The Ordinary are examples of companies that have embraced the Scandinavian-inspired minimalism trend. With more and more brands adopting this packaging style, it’s likely to be a trend that will stick for a while. So embrace it for your own brand by using sans serif fonts for your labelling and natural colors.

Fully recyclable
Recycling is a huge part of our collective efforts to combat climate change. However, it is often difficult to recycle beauty products as they are made from multiple components and a mixture of different materials. To avoid this, brands can source fully recyclable packaging for their products. For example, our new deodorant stick is fully recyclable, as it’s made of one material.

Airless packaging
In the clean beauty industry, airless packaging has become increasingly prevalent. Developed using high-tech systems, airless packaging protects the formulas of products and ensures that their ingredients remain potent and that natural formulations don’t spoil. It achieves this by prohibiting air from coming into contact with the product, regardless of how much product is left. Airless technology is particularly important for cosmetic brands that sell products containing retinol, vitamin C, and other oxygen-sensitive antioxidants.

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