Introducing the APG Infinity Pump®

APG Packaging, a leading designer and manufacturer of cosmetics bottles, jars and tubes, is leading the way in sustainable solutions with the announcement of a new patented Infinity Pump. The new dispenser marks yet another major milestone for APG Packaging; an organization that aims to facilitate a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for the beauty industry.

The highlight of the Infinity Pump is the all-plastic manufacture; an unusual method when creating cosmetics dispensers which typically feature a metal spring to facilitate the pump motion. All materials used in the Infinity Pump meet the strict criteria set out by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Design Guide for Closures and Dispensers, and the product has achieved APR preferred status. This means that the Infinity Pump’s innovative patented design supports the circular economy, keeping resources in constant use.

Upon launch, the Infinity Pump is anticipated to be utilized in a variety of personal care applications, including soap, lotion, and shampoo bottles.

Armin Arminak, EVP of R&D at APG Packaging said, “Fully recyclable personal care products have always been a challenge for the beauty industry because there are virtually no pump dispensers currently on the market that are designed without a metal spring, and as these components can’t be disassembled, they can’t be recycled. The infinity Pump is a huge win for the industry and for the environment, and we are excited to be continuing to innovate in ways that help our clients stay at the forefront of their markets.”

While the incorporation of metal springs has created an obstacle for beauty brands, so has the type of plastic that has typically been used by manufactures in their dispensers and closures. Many are created from thermoset plastics which cannot be broken down to their original form, silicone polymer which requires specialist recycling processes, and PVC, which cannot be recycled due to the chemicals used in the manufacture. All of these materials are deemed to be detrimental to recycling by the APR. The new Infinity pump breaks the mold, being made from 100% recyclable plastic.

APG Packaging’s new Infinity Pump is considered to be a monumental release by industry leaders, coming in the wake of enormous and ever mounting pressure from global agencies on all major consumer brands to move towards more sustainable packaging. With growing awareness of the dangers of single use plastics, pressure is also rising from end users who are proving to be more selective in the cosmetics products they choose to buy.

The Infinity Pump is currently available for sampling from APG Packaging.

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