Why is There an Increasing Demand for Airless Pump Bottles?

Airless pump bottles are cosmetic packaging solutions that operate by virtue of a non-pressurized vacuum system with a mechanical pump on the inside of the container. As a result, this technology has been deemed the future of beauty, cosmetic, and medicinal product packaging. As the user pushes down on the pump, the disc inside rises and pushes the product out of it. Once the user has filled the container, it preserves the product and maintains its integrity until all of it has been used.

Disadvantages of Traditional Pump Bottles

Unlike the airless pump bottle which dispenses all of the product inside it, traditional pump bottles is unable to pull anymore of the product up to the pump once the contents can no longer reach the pump tube. The common practice with traditional pump bottles is removing the pump so the user can get the remaining product out by hand so they can use it. Unfortunately, due to repeatedly opening the pump bottle, the product is exposed to air and loses its effectiveness because of oxidation. That is why to preserve the goodness of the cosmetic lotions and liquids, it helps to use the airless pump bottles.

Advantages of Airless Pump Bottles

With airless pump bottles, the entire product is completely dispensed. As a result, no opening of the bottle is ever required until it’s time to refill the container. Furthermore, the integrity of the product is maintained and there is no loss of product efficacy and the product remains stable throughout its use. There are 5 additional benefits of the airless pump bottle including:

  • Airless pump bottles are perfect for foundations, natural skin care creams, serums, and other sensitive beauty products. Thanks to their design and function, airless pump bottles eliminate product waste.
  • Airless pump bottles have a clear plastic wall which is ideal for adding your brand or logo if you’re a retailer or vendor. This also enables the customer to view the product and its color before purchasing it.
  • Another important advantage of airless pump bottles is the fact that they dispense the exact amount of product every time. So, there is no exposure to air or struggling to get every last bit of product out of the container.
  • With its double wall construction, the airless pump bottle makes the customer feels as though they’re using a luxury beauty or cosmetic product. Additionally, the double wall construction serves as an extra layer of protection for the product.
  • You can fill the container with organic products or products containing no preservatives.

To learn more about airless pump bottles and see the entire selection we offer, contact APG at your earliest convenience. We’d be glad to assist you find the right cosmetic bottles to package your lotions and range of liquid cosmetics.

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