Is Stock Cosmetic Packaging Good For Your Brand?

You may be tempted to consider custom packaging for your product. After all, you’ve put so much of your blood, sweat and tears into your products and want to showcase them and brand them in the best way possible. You would never consider using low-quality packaging containers for your products.

But stock packaging is no longer considered a low-end alternative. Today, we see a myriad of materials and formats in stock and standard packaging that are brand-savvy and affordable while offering ample customization opportunities. These have the ability to adapt to any brand, yet offer a variety of time to market and cost-savings that can make stock a great option for your products.

What is a Stock Product? 

Stock products are those that are immediately available in stock or can easily be manufactured from in-stock molds. Unlike in the past, stock packaging is no longer a low-quality alternative and now offers multiple benefits for cosmetics and consumer products brands.


Because of the huge inventories of products and customization options,  it’s usually not even obvious if packaging is stock or custom.

For those companies that want a personalized presentation but don’t have the financial resources to invest in custom molds and tooling, stock products can be a perfect fit. Today, there are variations and surface treatment options that can give a stock package a different look or appeal without creating a custom design.

Gets Your Product to Market Quickly

For brands that need to get to market quickly, stock packaging offers products that are immediately ready to go. Depending on the need, stock bottles, jars and tubes can be purchased directly from the inventory or produced in a reasonable amount of time from existing molds and tooling.

Less Expensive

One of the biggest benefits of using stock packaging is the cost savings. When it comes to custom packaging, one of the largest costs are tooling costs. Using ready-made options and molds decreases costs. Some companies that offer different sizes of the same product see the advantage of using stock options to offer variety without the added costs.

Good For Companies That Are Just Starting Out

Independent start-ups in the market typically don’t have the volume or the financial resources to justify custom packaging. Stock packaging offers great latitude for small and growing companies in their early years by allowing them to experiment with different sizes and styles.

Cuts Down on the Chance of Minor Defects

With stock packaging, there is less of a chance in encountering defects. Since the basic item has already been made multiple times, the bugs have been worked out and there becomes far less of a chance that issues in quality or functionally will arise.


At APG, we have an extensive portfolio and inventory of stock packaging options. As one of the world’s leading cosmetic packaging suppliers, we would be happy to discuss how our stock packaging options may be a good option for your products. Contact us to see our current inventory and to understand your ability to customize these to suit your needs.