Global Packaging Insights: This Just In

The global cosmetics packaging market was valued at over 27.87 billion US dollars last year and is expected to reach 35.7 billion over the next 5 years. As a cosmetics company, it’s important to understand key trends, strategies and demand in the marketplace and consider your packaging accordingly.

Emerging Markets

There is an ever-increasing demand for cosmetics in emerging countries. This is driving investment in companies that have taken the time to develop creative solutions to marketing in these regions and investing in shipping-friendly packaging. In turn, this is expected to boost demand for these cosmetics and their packaging products.


While it’s important to ensure safety when it comes to packaging, it also can create some disadvantages when it comes to bulk, expense and damage to the environment. Efforts are being made to create more user-friendly and environmentally sustainable packaging.

Caps and Closures

Caps and closures do more for a product than just protect the integrity of the ingredients inside and facilitate its use. Caps and closures are being used as more customizable extensions of the design of the product and enhance its identity. Innovative and ergonomic designs are being implemented to add to function as well as brand identity.

There is a new interest in closures that make an audible sound when closing. With click and close caps, the consumer feels assured that the product is completely closed and will not leak. There is also a resurgence of magnetic closures, especially in more high-end lines.

Sustainable Packaging

More packaging companies are investing in sustainable products through innovation and design. Cosmetics companies are partnering more than ever with sustainable packaging options in order to enhance their brand and value by having attractive yet sustainable packaging.

Who Has the Most Market Share?

The North American market has significant share in the beauty industry due to its ability to adopt growing trends and use more advanced technologies for packaging. In the North American market, the focus today appears to be on skin care products.

The Korean market continues to influence the industry with its products aimed at skin hydration. These products profess a signature dewy and luminous look and it only seems to be increasing in popularity. Their strategies are now focusing on expanse with many looking more toward acquisitions than launching their own new products. The Korean vendors are also putting more money into investing in research and development of new technologies in cosmetics.

Packaging for Digital Media

E-commerce and social media are driving product packaging today. It is more important than ever to have a product that conveys well on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube and also provides a wow factor at the moment of unwrapping.


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