5 things to consider when choosing a trigger spray
When it comes to household products, one of the most widely used dispensers is the trigger spray. As with all dispensing technologies, the kind of trigger spray needed depends on the type of liquid that’s being dispensed. Is it a foam? What chemicals are used in the formula? When choosing a trigger spray, there are a variety of things to consider:

    •    Types of product: Different trigger types are suitable for different products. For instant, a mini trigger sprayer works well for a variety of cosmetic products, and household products such as room fragrance. A larger trigger sprayer, on the other hand, is suitable for products such as multi-purpose cleaning solutions, chemicals for gardening, and even for a barbecue cleaner.

    •    Chemical makeup: Another thing to consider when choosing a trigger spray is the type of chemicals used in your formulation. You’ll want to make sure that the materials used to make the trigger sprayer are compatible with the formula, and that the chemicals won’t affect the integrity of the packaging.

    •    Child-resistant: Very often, the ingredients used in household products are highly toxic when ingested. Unfortunately, getting a child to understand the dangers of a cleaning product is easier said than done! If it’s important that your product is kept safe from curious little hands, you might want to consider opting for a child-resistant trigger spray.

    •    Color: Trigger sprayers come in an array of colors. When choosing which one to use, make sure it matches your brand identity, so that your products are easily recognizable to your customer base. Another thing to bear in mind is that the color you choose will affect the recyclability of your product.

    •    Spray output: You’ll also want to consider which type of output you’d prefer when choosing a trigger spray. Do you want your product to be dispersed as a mist? Or would you rather it came out as one single jet? Alternatively, do you want it to foam up as it’s dispensed? If a formula is toxic when breathed in, a foam trigger sprayer would be better.

If you’re struggling to decide which type of trigger sprayer is best suited to your product, we’d be more than happy to offer our expert advice. Simply get in touch, and we’ll be able to provide you with more information about our different trigger sprayer options.
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